Ilford FB single or doble weight paper, tell the diffference?

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  1. Hi there iam looking to usr Ilford FB single weight paper as paper negatives. I have some old stock of 8 by 10 Matt but am unable to tell if its single or double weight. Any help would be great.
    Nigel Sinkins
  2. The thickness of photo papers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, double weight is card stock, about the weight of the average business card.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I cant find single weight 11x14 Illford MGIV FB anywhere. I matte everything, so double weight seems like such a waste.

    But one thing for sure, you can definitely feel the difference between double and single weight... DW is more like card stock.
  4. As far as I know it, RC papers are not SW or DW.

    And maybe if someone makes a non-RC paper in only one weight, it also won't be SW or DW.

    I do remember when I was young, and at least I didn't have RC paper (maybe it hadn't been invented yet),
    that SW curls much more than DW.

    I used to have a Kodak blotter roll that would roll up the prints curved the other way, so they would dry close to flat.

    But now it is mostly RC, which dries pretty flat by itself.
  5. All actual manufacturers except Slavich from Russia are producing fiber-baryta photo papers on double weight. Foma (Czech Republic) has it available as special product.

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