If you had just one lens - what would it be?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by raymondc, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. We're going to Florida for a winter vacation soon. I'll be taking a fixed 18.5 on a compact APS-C camera. Its FF equivalent is 28mm.
  2. If I was limited to only one lens. It would have to be my 105 DC 2.0 Nikon lens.
  3. For APS-C Canon: EFS 15-85
    for "full frame" EF 24-105

    Not perfect, but just "very, very" handy.

    • Canon-'glass'-09-cre.jpg
    • so famous it has a cup made in its image ​
  4. Feel the need to revise my answer. If I was allowed only one lens, I most likely would stop photographing altogether or focus on avian and airshow photography: that'll be the 200-500 on a D500. But what really is the point of being allowed only one lens? Especially if the OP doesn't seem to be able adhere to that self-imposed limit himslef, so why should anyone else? How about asking a painter to be limited to one brush, or a sculptor to one particular tool only.
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  5. OP <br>
    Is the idea to travel as light as possible? <br>
    Because that is a completely different discussion, as the choice of camera itself comes into play.

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