I love doing Street Photography but......

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  1. Uh yes you have.
    That statement in itself supports my inference of your lack of forthrightness, because the history here indicates otherwise.
    As for me changing the moniker to “Moving On” it wasn’t to deceive at all but a more interesting Avatar than my name, Mark Smith, which is as commonly irrelevant as an old shoe.
    Additionally my name has been posted many times as a point of accusatory rebuttal.
  2. Probably not. Your harping on it is.
    You continue to think you're owed something here, like that photo or an explanation. You're not. If my not posting a particular photo makes what I say ring hollow for you, so be it. I'll try to get over it. And I'll once again remind you that I've posted many street photos to go along with my commentary, while noticing that some people have a lot to say about street photography and not much to show.
  3. I haven't and wouldn't. If others have, take it up with them.
    I don't know how you know that, but you're wrong. My writing style has never changed and most who've followed me over the years have been in touch and told me they know exactly who I am. Changing my name to Norma at the time was done in exasperation. I knew full well everyone would continue to know who I was. It couldn't have been more obvious who would have chosen just that name. You have no way of knowing that GaryTurner was a name a friend of mine used to use in certain situations and it's, in part, a homage to him. But, like I said, people familiar with me have recognized both my writing and my photos, so it's hard to believe anyone would think I'm hiding my identity. Then again, I won't try to guess why you think the things you do.
  4. No need, as I said it’s irrelevant to me though they seem to have assumed otherwise.
  5. It was relevant enough to you to bring it up here. I'm not sure why.
  6. It is obvious the forthrightness is selective.
  7. I didn’t bring it up, you did.
    I responded to your post concerning the change.....
    “I know you're the same person you were before changing your PN name to Moving On and it doesn't make me think you had a former identity or that any of your words seem hollow because of it.”
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  8. Actually no.
    You owe me nothing.
    I simply found it curious, this flip flop on the relevance of the unedited photo.
    I’ll Move On as it is obviously a sensitive issue for you.

    Concerning my posting of street photos, I post what I think others find interesting or what I dig up relevant to a particular thread. That does not preclude my commenting on others’ comments or photos.
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  9. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Fact of the matter, on your return, your identity was obvious from day one - didn't much matter to me, dishonesty and violation of rules of the site on you. You were banned for cause by Admin after many years of ...what shall I call it, excesses Here you are again, with a new name, but same old Fred. What I can't understand is Why you are back. You don't seem to like / respect the site or even have much fun. Possibly doing the same thing again will achieve a different outcome this time.
  10. Yes. And in doing so you brought up the fact that some unknown people used your previous name many times as a point of accusatory rebuttal. That's what I was referring to and that's what I don't get the relevance of. Anyway, this has nothing to do with street photography, so it's become less and less interesting.

    To end the evening on a positive note, here's a pic I took at Central Park a few months ago. I tend toward harsher sides of the street in a lot of street photography I do and like, but I enjoy a more pleasant view as well.

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  11. You have no ethics, no sense of propriety, and no business being a moderator. You have absolutely no right to discuss in public the background and personal goings on surrounding any member which you become privy to as a result of your position here. That I may choose to reveal things about myself is one thing. That you feel free to reveal such things tells me who and what you truly are.
  12. For the record the ban was clear to anyone following your posts and multiple identities.
    That was at the root of your dishonesty.
    You have a history here.
    Notwithstanding you chose to conceal your profile this time around.
    Clearly your choice to make, but it paints a bit of a disingenuous picture.
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  13. Shut up.
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  14. I rest my case.
  15. Your case is far up your ass.

    And for the record, Norman was never me and I was never Norman. You've got your genders confused. Norman was another photographer, and a pretty good one at that. Don't know what became of him. He had talent in photography. Something you and Sandy will never know. Soon you two will be left minding this dead store. Anyway, I was Norma Desmond. Never Norman.
  16. I already said that and have known that to be the case all along, which is why it was so clear I wasn’t hiding something as you continue to erroneously assert, despite your clearly knowing how full of s-h-i-t you are, since you readily admit how all who follow my posts knew it was me at the same time accusing me of hiding what you know is so clearly not hidden.

    But you say this as a response to my faulting a moderator for discussing publicly a banning that has taken place, whether people think they figure out or actually do figure out exactly what’s gone on notwithstanding. Sandy is under an obligation not to talk about a member’s banning. What others already know doesn’t change this. He’s abusing his position and should resign or be fired immediately.
  17. "" repeatedly asked what was new other than the experience and have yet to receive an answer.
    Do you know?" moving in on".

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  18. .Humanity, we are unique and very new. We asked questions, we want to understand, the what and why of everything.

    We are the special child; perhaps very alone. Our very unique special gift is....

  19. Chill out folks...sticks and stones and all that.

    Please don't ban Fred. Fred, is just Fred...takes things a bit too personal but a great contributor to PN.

    Hey, he has called me all sorts but I have not burst into tears, why would anyone else.

    Mark Smith sounds like a name on the small print of your tax returns.:) personally I would move on from that name;) it has chilling overtones.

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  20. Lucius Cornelius Sulla seems pretty cool.

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