How would I learn basic art direction for still photography

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  1. Since I don't currently have access to viewing a professional studio photographer at work, can anyone suggest a way I could learn art direction for photography, for example, elements of wardrobe, makeup, sets, etc. Or would it be just as valuable to study art direction as it is used in feature films? I'm trying to avoid a pure trial and error approach.
  2. Interesting question. When working with an art director on a commercial shoot, the photographer is most comparable to
    the director on a film shoot: they need to have a clear vision of the story being told and how to meld all of the technical
    aspects (cameras/lights/etc), formal details (lighting, composition, framing & staging), and subject details ( costuming, and
    "acting") into a vehicle that propels the narrative to support the purpose of the overall ad campaign's message.

    In these kinds of shoots the art director is there to make sure everything is going in the right direction in the context of the
    larger context.

    Sort of like the job of an executive producer on a movie set.

    On other shoots the art director is following the photographer's lead and constructing the narrative on he fly from the
    photos being produced.

    I've worked with advertising agency art directors and graphic designers both ways. Some of these collaborations have
    been great and yielded great results and some were purely fiduciary pleasures (and some of we're not even that).

    Personality compatibility and trust are the keys to success to any collaboration.

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