How to get nude models?

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  1. "girlie bars": they often want a portfolio. hangout, early & get to know a few.
    i did the first shoot on a bet with a buddy. :D many others me asked thereafter... and they paid.
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    A few places have gotten to become model friendly.

    Model Mayhem
    Craigs List
    One Model Place
    there are a few more but you can google them.
  3. Depending on where you are based, you could try joining websites that are specific to model photography. So for instance, in the UK we have Purpleport, which is by far tge best I have come across and there are lots of models to choose from. In the past I had used ModelMayhem, which has more US based models.
  4. For some obscure and incomprehensible reason, a comment I contributed earlier was removed. My reply focused on MODEL MAYHEM with over a million subscribers that is not in competition with PN.

    I said that Jim Phelps and Raymond Elstad with whom I have corresponded extensively over the years, and myself, have used the site successfully to find both professional models and beginners working on a TF basis (which translates in modern times to some of the more successful pictures being sent to the model in digital form). I hope this information is useful to fellow members seeking models (male and female) which I understand was the purpose of this thread.

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  5. Kiev, Odessa, St. Petersburg, Moscow. In those places there are some beautiful ones who make a living this way.
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