How many images can you take before the camera wears out?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by coastallight, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. I just hit 1000 and I'm sure I have quite a ways to go but I'm curious how many
    images one can take before wearing out the camera. Assuming general wear and tear.
  2. What camera (bod)?
  3. mjt

  4. I have a friend with a D50 with about 50.000+ and the camera still working.
    and I saw a D2Hs with 310.000+ which was still rocking at 8fps w/o problems...

    regardless with only 1000 you shouldn't be concern at all, keep shooting away... ;)
  5. Sorry - Nikon D80
  6. how do you tell how many clicks you have made so far
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Expect the shutter mechanism for a consumer-grade camera such as the D80 to last approximately 75K actuations. Of course, there is merely an expectation; some D80's will last shorter and some will last much longer. And if the shutter fails, you can always get that replaced.

    But most likely, the real limitation is when newer and better DSLRs are available, you don't want to use the D80 any more.
  8. I "shutter" to think how many exposures my F4 and F5 will take.
  9. Shun - I shutter (sorry Alex, had to steal that one!) to think I would want to replace my beloved D80!
    When are the D90's due out??
  10. Mark,

    Seems you have just joined the, welcome! Your question about shutter count answers shortly:

    Nikon DSLR cameras, and perhaps most of others, they do record the number of shutter actuations in comment section (EXIF) inside picture file saved to memory card.

    After you transfer photos to your computer, you can use some picture editing software to display that EXIF information. In addition to shutter actuation count there are other important data.

    EXIF editor is most popular and free to download. Google for Exif, download, then install, then open with it your latets picture. You will see shutter actuation count of the camera.

    Since this count is not possible to erase or alter in most cameras, that represents useful information when purchasing a used camera.
  11. mjt


    Opanda and Irfanview can show you the actuations for windows.

    on the Mac, Graphics Converter or Preview (all built in).
  12. You can take 59,879 pictures with a camera. When you get to that number, a small device inside the camera - any camera - will ignite a small explosive device that makes the camera self destruct. Sometimes, camera manufacturers can also remote activate those devices when a new version of the same camera comes out so you have to buy the new one...
  13. The mighty F is good for a zillion squintillion shots. F's don't wear out. When you even utter the phrase "wear out" in the vicinity of an F, black helicopters with slightly brassy corners swoop down and you are never heard from again.
  14. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    The D80 uses exactly the same 10MP CCD sensor as the Sony A100, Pentax K10D, and Nikon D40x. Both the Sony and Pentax are supposed to be replaced by newer models before the PMA, which will start at the end of this month (January 31, 2008). Thom Hogan also points out that apparently (again, apparently), production for the D40x has already stopped.

    Therefore, I would say the days that the D80 stays as a current model are numbered. If it doesn't get replaced by the PMA, most likely it'll be before the PhotoKina in September. I have no idea whether the new model will be called the D90 and what the difference are. I would imagine that popular recent features such as live view and sensor cleaning will be added. I, for one, can certainly live without them. In other words, if you are happy with the D80, it is not at all necessary to replace it in this go around, but obviously it'll all depend on what features are added to the new models.

    P.S. Those old film bodies probably don't have all that many actuations. Back then, for every roll you load into the camera, there was film and processing cost. If you shot like crazy, those costs would wipe you out. That restriction is now long gone.
  15. The only problem is, if they call it the D90, then when they replace it, they would have to
    call the next one the D100! We don't want THAT again!

    So, I propose that they start giving them names that you can never run out of.

    How's this... "Introducing the new Nikon RALPH digital camera!" (apologies to all named
    Ralph)... then they could have the RALPHxs, then the FRANK, then the BILLY, and so on...

    Hakon, I'm going to be very careful to have my camera destroyed at exposure number 59,878 so I can avoid that unpleasant experience. I could put my eye out!
  16. I actually wore out an F5 shutter. And I know a few photographers who back in the 1980s wore out not only the shutters on their F3HP cameras but also the aperture actuator levers. It wasn't easy but they did it.
  17. It depends on how hard you drop it, and how many times; otherwise you should be able to simply replace worn components. The shutter is the most likely part to wear out (although there are others) and any part that wears out should be replaceable for another ten years or so (you could always cannibalize another D80 for parts).

    The more important question might be how much would it cost and how much would you spend to replace the D80 with an even better camera in the future when it eventually fails? The bottom line is the camera should last long enough to become effectively obsolescent.
  18. SCL


    Wow, 1000 actuations! I think you have a long time to go, if you are taking good care of your camera. Some of mine are almost 50 years old and still going strong.
  19. 1000 pics is about 30 rolls of film. And I take about double that per year. I still have not worn out any film camera at that rate in decades ..

    I am afraid you will be worn out before your camera is. Sorry to bring you the bad, sad news now. Happy New Year!
  20. I took 6300 photos with my D80 in the year that I owned it. It never had any issues and was
    going strong when I sold it. I expect my D300 to last many many years. I hope to be
    shooting with it 7 years from now, at least as a second body. It's that good to me.
  21. Opps!! I've gone over 10,000 - not 1,000. (edited original post)

    Mark - I know because my file names started over from DSC_9999 to DSC_0001.

    mj t - I'm in Preview (Mac) and I don't see the shutter actuation or what might tell me the total pics taken. Tools - Get info - details. Should I be looking elsewhere?

    I also have Photoshop (CS3) and am looking at Bridge prefs (metadata)and don't see what I might turn on here to find the shutter count.
  22. guess I can't edit my original post. Anyway - it's just over 10,000
  23. I have a D80 and went bananas using it the first month I had it - I took about 1000 photos. Mostly of the dogs (they don't complain!) while I was figuring it out.

    So far I've had it a year and have taken around 10,000 pictures. Not all of them dog pictures. :) No probs.
  24. Yeah! I'm trying to find that info in Preview too but I can't find it!

    Shoshana... thank you for clarifying that!

    Nikon explosives, huh!? I'll be careful!

  25. I got it! INSPECTOR/ " ! " /Exif

    Wow! A lot of info there! Just a problem, it says Image Number 5221 on mine BUT the file
    number I'm looking now is 6897..... That's strange because I was thinking the file number
    should be lower since I think I reset the file counter once (file name number).
  26. Rene (hello again!)
    How did you find the info? I'm not sure I understand INSPECTOR/...
  27. Carolyn... Long time huh!? Uhmm! Open any file, top bar go to TOOLS and you'll find
    inspector. When it opens you will have a window with 3 tabs, I think one means file, then
    another one with a " ! " mark on it, and one with glass. Click the one with the " ! " and then
    again you will have a window with 3 more tabs. Then go to the one that says EXIF.

    I hope that helps!

  28. "I also have Photoshop (CS3) and am looking at Bridge prefs (metadata)and don't see what I might turn on here to find the shutter count."

    In Adobe Bridge:

    Right click your mouse over the image.

    Go to "File Info"

    Go to "Advanced"

    Select the fourth "+" (starts with http/ and ends with aux/).

    You will see the number of shutter actuations on the third line.
  29. Camera manufactures rate the shutter life in "mean time failure" .. it is in all their marketing literature.. varies with the various camera model. Too many variables in real-world picture taking make this a meaningful expression of answering the average person's question .. and knowing your "number" will only result in needless anxiety .. if it really concerns you, consider the camera body/types used by photo-journalists .. and sports shooters .. if they can't break a camera shutter in 7 years .. it's probably a safe camera to buy .. oh, I forgot .. at 7 years everything else but the shutter will have been updated. (pun intended)
  30. I didnt know that the new Mac 10.5 Preview displays the shutter actuations - thanks for the
    info! My D200 is still going strong - after 110.000 shutter cycles. My D2H starts to show the
    faulty shutter-syndrome after now over 70.000 actuations. georg
  31. Hi there,
    I have a nikon d80 & have taken 50,016 shots
    The camera is now acting very strange, allowing me to take 3 or 4 shots, then the next are either majorly over exposed or under exposed & totally black, it also no longer has rapid shot, can only take a few shots then have to give it a rest before it will shoot again
    Is the camera just totally worn out & can it be repaired?
    Thanks for any help you can offer,
  32. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Kat, check whether you have exposure bracketing switched on, unintentionally. I don't have a D80, but I think it has that feature.

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