How is this image shot and edited?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by gc, May 7, 2020.

  1. gc


    Hugo Comte on Instagram.

    Looking to get an insight into this image and photographer in general.. would love to know how he shoots and edits.
    Very on the nose with the early 90s imagery but I love his colour work.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you -
  2. SCL


    Why not contact him directly for an informed and definitive answer rather than a guess?
  3. I don't see anything in the picture to suggest the photographer did anything but point a camera at the subject and press the shutter. Or to suggest any obvious post processing.
  4. I don't see anything special either . . . "Lust at Large" leads me to believe that the photographer isn't trying to accomplish much.
  5. How? Find a pretty woman, ask her to open her shirt, stand her in the sun. Best if she's been working outside for a while.
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  6. The lighting?
    Artificial light (continuous or flash) close to the model, stronger than the natural light. Exposed for the artifical light, underexposing the rest by a bit (1 stop or so).
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  7. I agree with @q.g._de_bakker. In the work I've seen here, he creatievely uses a lighting setup and exposure to (partly) get the 'look' he wants. One of those is the model or group against a dark but daylit background. Some of the photos I've seen have a definite (1970's) cinematic look. This is partly created by the lighting and exposure. And partly by the location, poses, clothes, hair, make-up, etc. And partly by color grading photos in post-processing to get the visual 'look' or style that he wants. For many photos, he uses a 'cinematic' color grading scheme.

    Many other photographers use lighting, exposure and color grading to build a project portfolio that has a distinct 'style' or 'look' to it.

  8. It will be difficult to let you know without anything else, even at least one sample should be given for analysis in order to given solution for exact concern.

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