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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mottershead, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Here is something new for anyone who would like to help test it. It
    is a quick and easy way to let you upload multiple photos to your
    portfolio in one fell swoop. It is alpha quality -- so expect
    problems and let me know about any problems that you run into.

    (Sorry, Linux/Unix users, this is a Windows and Macintosh-only thing
    at this point.)
  2. pmj


    Just tried it with three images, straight from a digital camera. However, I got three "403 errors". That is Apple Mac OS X 10.4, Safari 2.0.3 and a freshly installed Macromedia Flash Player 8.
  3. Just tried it with a couple of images and it works fine. Well done Brian. Much more satisfying to use than the single upload method. Cheers.
  4. win2k+sp4 ie5.5+sp2<br>
    6 jpegs 2.2Mb<br>
    very fast upload<br>
    everything ok
  5. Patrick, the 403 error means the server didn't consider you logged in. One of the things I have to improve is the error handling, so that the alert boxes that pop up have something more informative than "403 Error".

    I think you probably were logged in, as I don't think you would have gotten as far as you did if you weren't. On Windows, the Flash Player (probably in cooperation with the host browser) sends the login cookies back to the server. It appears that might not be so on the Mac. I have not tested at all on the Mac. If the login cookies aren't being sent, things might be a bit trickier on the Mac.
  6. I am getting the same "Error 403" message as Patrick, and I am logged in.

    Win XP Home (SP2), Firefox
  7. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    The little color-coded spots are nice to show that they're all uploaded, i.e. when they turn all green, but I think there ought to be a message that appears that confirms that everything went OK and that the user can proceed... maybe a link to proceed to the folder in which the images were uploaded. Nice feature, Brian. Thanks!
  8. I got a message "The server returned an error 500 for ****.jpg" *** being the file name.)
    Would you like a screen shot?
  9. Attached screen shot.
  10. IE6 windows XP SP2.I am sorry i wasnt thinking about that.
  11. I think the last couple of errors (the status code 500 errors) were due to the fact that I was trying to fix something and broke something else.
    You might want to try again.
  12. Brian, Works great. :)

    BTW, I know how easy it is to fix one thing and mess 5 five up I do it all the time on websites.
  13. Tested it in firefox 1.5 and IE6. Same result fast easy use.
  14. Seems like the only problem, apart from those 500 server errors that are now fixed, is this problem of when the Player sends the logged-in cookies. Usually, it does, but sometimes it doesn't. We have one Macintosh example so far, where it didn't. We have Firefox examples, where we see both cases, and some IE examples, ditto.
  15. Hey Brian, I remember you having a conversation with someone a few weeks ago about the too busy message and I seem to recall you saying it was not a server bandwith or proc speed thing. Well I got it a few min. ago for a 4-5 min period for the unified view So if you want to check the stats logs to try to narrow down the culprit. Good luck and thanks for all the hard work. BTW 234 reg. members where on-line at the time. ,Grinder
  16. Brian,

    Worked fine using Netscape 7.2 on a Win XP Pro SP2 system.

    U/L with no problem from a mapped network drive but when trying to U/L from an unmapped network drive got a "There was an I/O error for file" message. I mapped the subject drive and it worked fine.
  17. I also noticed that the images were dropped into the "Single Photos" folder which is publically viewable.

    From my perspective I'd like to see them placed into the "Photodrop" folder. That way they can be captioned, etc. before being moved to a public folder.

  18. At 22:12 EST, I had the same 403 problem in Firefox on Windows XP2 Home. Attempts were made using JPEG in both web and exif.
  19. Worked fine on Windows98SE
  20. Richard, you will be able to use this feature to upload photos to any of your folders. "Single Photos" is just the default, and in fact if you don't have a folder of that name, the uploading process will create one for you, just as the photodrop feature creates a "Photodrop" folder. For folders besides "Single Photos" a more specific URL is needed, which I didn't provide for the testers in this thread.

    Once we iron out these wrinkles, we'll have a beta test and I will put URL's for the Uploader in the Folder "options", and on the "My Portfolio" page.
  21. Firefox with Windows XPSP2.

    Newly installed flash player, and I'm getting error 403. I'm logged-in and the photo is in web format.

    Sounds like an interesting feature...
  22. I tried it. It opened up a new IE browser and asked me to login even though I was already logged in. But then let me uploaded 4 photos painlessly. I agree the feedback from the program when it's done could be more noticeable.
  23. And if you answer NO to install the flash player the program just goes dead. I figured I didn't need the flash player the 2nd time since I'de answered yes the first time and it should have been installed then.
  24. Two hour later, I tested it with IE and it worked. Now, it worked also with Firefox. Can't wait to see it fully functional. Thanks Brian for all those improvements.
  25. Based on some of the reports, my theory is that on Windows the Flash Player uses IE or some related Windows services/COM objects to do the upload -- even if the browser currently hosting the Uploader is Firefox.

    That means that if you are using Firefox and have logged in previously with IE, the cookies will be sent. If you have never logged in to the site with IE, then when you use Firefox, the login cookies won't be sent.

    Update: I tested this by starting IE and logging out of Then I went over to Firefox, which was still logged in, and trying the Uploader. Now I'm getting the "Not logged in" problem, which I was not before.

    So, the bottom line is that the Uploader is only working on Windows, and only properly in MSIE. You can also get it to work in Firefox, but only if you log into under MSIE first. I hope I will be able to fix this today so that it works on Mac and Windows for non-MSIE users.
  26. "That means that if you are using Firefox and have logged in previously with IE, the cookies will be sent. If you have never logged in to the site with IE, then when you use Firefox, the login cookies won't be sent."

    Just tried this. Attempted an upload with Firefox and still got a 403 error. Opened an IE window, logged in, and closed IE. Did another upload attempt with Firefox and was successful.
  27. OK I believe I fixed the login problem. If you were having problems before, it would be a help if you tried again.
  28. Brian - worked okay for me this time with Firefox. Opened IE and logged out, then came back to Firefox and uploaded with no problems or error messages.
  29. Tested in firefox 1.07 and worked just fine. I like it much more than the old way, it is more efficient.<br>
    One thing I would like to see in a future version is perhaps a pull down menu allowing someone to place the photos in any folder they'd like.<br>
    When uploading multiple photos it would be nice to be able to select for each one where it will be sent.
  30. General comments:
    Couple thigns I foudn.
    If you select several files; the interface seems to allow you to edit an individual photos caption, but when you start editing the entry disappears.

    I uploaded a photo which it rejected as not the proper format.
    after that point I couldn't no do much of anyhing with the flash program

    The interface when it comes up is not obvious in terms of how one might use it. Migth do with some text around it saing browse to pick files...
  31. What was the format that it rejected? After it rejects a file, you should be able to browse for other files and upload them. You can keep browsing, selecting files, and uploading them, indefinitely. But if the file isn't JPEG, right now it won't accept it, and the only way you are going to be able to get it accepted is to convert it from whatever it is to JPEG and then upload the converted file.

    I fixed the problem with the DELETE key. It was a feature that pressing the DELETE or BACKSPACE key would delete the selected file in the list box. But obviously this conflicts with editing the Caption. So I removed the DELETE key listener.

    I was planning on adding either a help button or some explanatory text around it before it is deployed.
  32. Great new feature, thanks. A couple of points:
    1. When you click on the link given some text flashes very briefly then screen goes blank for 2, 3 seconds while the flash loads.
    2. When multiple files are present and one is selected, pressing CLEAR removes all the listed files. A delete option that doesn't remove them all would be useful.
    Otherwise works great; running Win XP on standard build Dell laptop.
    Regards, Duncan
  33. Just tried upload of picture; received a warning message before the 1 FILE SUCCESSFULLY LOADED message; unfortunately, for reasons too long to explain, the message was in German. It was a yes/no dialog box and i think it was saying that it was waiting for something, would i like to terminate the script..; if click on NO all was ok. If click on Yes, no Confirmation box is displayed though the icon goes green and the picture is loaded. i'll tryagain and try to translate it but...

    2. the sort orders dont work; for both filename & size.
  34. Sort order: before a ca<ption has been edited : works for filename (but not size). after a caption has been edited : does not work for all th^ree columns.
    macromedian flash version 8,0,22,0 installed on IE 6.0 WinXP Sp 2
  35. After selecting a file and attempting to upload I received an error message that stated.
    0 file uploaded... this was near instantaneous so no file was uploaded.

    Then a subsquent message that said it was unable to read the image file.
    Is there some setting I need to select to allow it to read the fle?
  36. There are three possible classes of errors: "HTTP errors", which come from the server; "I/O errors", which mean that the Flash Player was not able to read the file off the disk even though you were able to select it; and "Security errors", where you are doing something that Flash Player thinks is breaking out of the sandbox.

    You didn't give the exact wording of the message in the Alert box, but it definitely wasn't an HTTP error, and it sounds like it could have been an I/O error. In reading forum posts etc on the Flash file upload facility, some people have reported problems uploading files on network shares, unless they are mapped to local drives. My ActionScript code in the Uploader has no way to know that a file might be on a network share, and apparently the fact that you can select a file in the Windows File Select dialog box, does not mean that the Flash upload facility is going to let you upload it.

    Try moving that file to a local drive, and/or check the permissions on the file.
  37. pmj


    Brian, I just tried it again on my Mac and your new version works just fine. No more 403
    errors. Minor quibble: the closing paren on "Size (KB)" is chopped off. See earlier screen

    Will the Uploader be a subscriber-only feature?

    It might be nice if there was some way to specify more details of the pictures (i.e, location
    for all of them) or if the regular web pages would allow a "batch update" of all pictures in a
  38. Brian,
    This feature is simply a wonder!
    I've just upload 4 photos (total = 953 Mb) : no problem at all. It's very fast and my photos appear in the rank I've chosen. I'm using W2000 pro SP4 + firefox 1.0.7.
    Please note that I have just a wish (a serious one): looks impossible by this way to define a customed copyright (impossible to edit this field after the upload). I'd really like to be able to do it. If I am wrong, please let me know how to do.
    I'm not at all disappointed by the gift subscription a generous member made me, I'm really happy to be back.
  39. Thank-you, everybody, for your help. I've decided to call it "beta" now, and put links to it on the "My Portfolio" page, and in the "Folder options" for each folder.
  40. Woohoo! Thanks again, Brian.

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