HELP. How to remove builtin lens hood from Fuji GSW690II?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by christos_chatzoglou, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hi.
    Today i received a Fuji GSW690III, bought from ebay and i want to remove the lens hood.
    Does anyone knows a safe way to do this, without introducing any damage to the lens or the camera's body?
    Thank you
  2. Don't. You need the lens shade and you'll hurt the resale value substantially.
  3. I had a GS690II that had a sloppy lens hood. You need to take the lens half way apart to get the hood off. I bought the repair manual so I could do this successfully. I put new felt on mine and it worked great. As Ellis said, you should keep it on and use it.
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  4. I intent to use a filter system (Lee) and will be a pain to do this, with this hood.
    Anyway thank you your answers.
  5. I understand. It is possible to remove the hood without any damage, then you could replace it if you ever decide to sell the camera.
  6. You need the hood which works well. Don't take it off. Great Camera
  7. I have used two versions of the camera, and removed the hood on both because of the issue of using filters. I had a friend, who is a skilled tool and die engineer, remove the hoods. He used a small hand-held grinder. No damage to the lens or body; of course the hood was ruined. I much preferred using the camera with no hood. Always had a hat to use as a lens shade (I was always working on a tripod), and I also used the hat to cover the lens to allow me to advance the film when in bulb. I suppose that if my use for the camera was walk-around street photography I would have left the hood on.
  8. I've got exactly the same camera myself and even though it can be awkward at times, I have never bothered removing the lens hood. I do have a Lee filter system as well, which I have used with polarisers and ND Grad's on the camera. If you were going to be using the camera a lot and weren't bothered about the re-sale value, I could perfectly understand why you would want rid of the lens hood. Currently, I've hardly used mine in the last 2 years, but I'm keeping it meantime as my last medium format camera. There is still something very satisfying about looking at 6 x 9cm Velvia transparencies on a light box that digital doesn't quite beat. Enjoy your camera, it has one of the best lenses that I've used on any camera. But, even although it is roughly equivalent to a 35mm film camera 28mm lens on the horizontal axis, it isn't too clever about getting very close items in sharp focus at the same time as the distant horizon. I found it excelled when used taking pictures of views from mountains, even hand held on occasion.
  9. Hi guys.
    I have cut the hood with a hand held grinder.
    Everything perfect with no damages on the lens and body.
    Thank you all, for your advices.
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I'm hoping your still here and can answer my quick question. It looks like there are just two screws that hold the stop ring (protector ring) that keeps the hood in place. If I remove these two screws, will I be able to take the hood off? Best, Henry
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  12. Thanks, that is exactly what I did. I just wanted confirmation from someone who has actually done it. I ain't afraid to say it, I'm scared. :)

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  13. Have you been able to access the hood with only 2 screws, i'm not sure how it works but there's many step to do before no?

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