HC-110 shelf life

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  1. Hi all just to check how is the shelf life of HC-110 after it has been opened?
    Cause i stop developing abt 6mth to a year ago and recently just shot another
    roll was wondering if it is still good to use.

  2. It has a shelf life of decades. I have using up two bottles that I rec'd from friends that's who-knows-how-old and it's just as good as day one.

    Same is true of Rodinal.
  3. as long as it is still the original syrup (ie not mixed with water in any way shape or form)...........yeah, years and years and years. I have personally taken 2 years to finish off a bottle with no noticable loss of strength.
  4. I've had a bottle last about2 years, but also some Rodinal & Studional that I purchased over 6 years ago are still going strong. Never doubt Rodi, but with HC, I would buy new if the negs are important enough.
  5. Even opened as long as it is a syrup it will last if the cap is put back on longer than your grand children are allowed to breed..

  6. Forever, minus one day.
  7. Contrary to what some have said, it WILL oxidize as more air gets in the bottle. However, if you decant it into smaller bottles, it most definitely will last until hell freezes over. I bought a bunch of brown medicine bottles at the pharmacy into which I pour the contents of a new bottle. That way, there is less air for less time in any one bottle.

    I understand that an unopened bottle of HC-110 was found in the Great Pyramid of Kufu, still useable.
  8. Don

    Now that was funny.

  9. HC110 has been my primary developer for many years and I have never had a single problem with it no matter how long it has been on the shelf, even if it has been opened - as long as it has not been diluted. In fact, I have found bottles almost empty that I forgot I had for years and the HC110 had blood red streaks in it but it still worked perfectly. It may oxidize as someone else pointed out here, but it has always worked perfectly for me no matter how old it is and even if the bottle was mostly empty and sat for years. In fact, that, and the ease of use (I mix directly from concentrate) are two of the main reasons that it is my primary developer. I get great results withit too. It's wonderful stuff!
  10. Tom, this is interesting know. I would never have tried it. Kodak does give a shelf life for partially used bottles.
  11. This just confirms what others have said, but I've had HC-110 for years (my primary developer is Pyro), and I've never seen any difference.
  12. Original concentrate bottle with air inside. 1 year, maybe longer ? one bottle won't last 1 year long to me.
  13. HC-110 syrup from an open bottle will turn first tan and later on reddish. However, I've used some that has been sitting partially filled for up to three years and its strength is exactly the same as a new bottle.

    Shelf life for unopened bottles is, for all prectical purposes, forever. Judge from this anecdote...

    Some years ago, I opened a cardboard box that had been stored for almost thirty years, containing some old darkroom trinkets from my college days. Among them was an unopened bottle of HC-110 purchased in 1970 or earlier. I tried it with some reserve on a test roll and found out to my rejoice that it was as good as a recently purchased one.
  14. I just developed some film with some HC110 that I had mixed to the stock solution almost exactly a year ago and it worked fine. I had stored it in a plastic soda bottle that I had squeezed so there was literally no air in the bottle. It had been sitting in a cabinet under my kitchen sink for the whole year. Not sure if this will keep much longer, but it worked for my first batch.

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