Hasselblad new camera concept (squadre!)

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by diegobuono, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Hasselblad unveiled a very
    interesting (in my opinion) concept
    study for a new camera body with a
    square sensor.


    It is shown under they section
    "4116" that celebrate the 75 Yeats
    of the company. It is a coincidente
    that the sensor is 75 mpixel? Let's
    hope they do not wait 5 years to
    release it, the wait would not be
    worth the gain of 5 mpix ;-)
    Joke aside I find it very
    interesting, probably is really
    just a concept but if this is the
    case why declare its sensor is 75
    mpix (probably a crop out from the
    actual 100 mpix CMOS sensor)?
    Except they deliberately want to
    joke about the anniversary? But if this
    was the case I suppose they would
    enphatize this, both in the name
    and in the announcement.
    I for sure would prefer a sensor
    bigger than 4 x 4 cm, nevertheless
    I like that concept very much.
  2. I doubt the sensor would be bigger than 4x4. My guess it's the same 50mp sensor they're currently using with added area of a square. That would give it 75mp. That would also allow them to use their current lenses.
    It's an interesting concept, but it would be a lot more interesting as a 6x6
  3. Perhaps Hasselblad would be better served to make a motorized adapter to use C/CF lenses on an X1D body.
  4. Diego, I fixed the break in your link:
    Interesting concept.
    It is definitely not a 6x6 camera, as it is pictured with a standard 645 format H-mount XCD 45mm f/3.5 lens.
    Despite its boxy shape, it is also definitely not an SLR. It is mirrorless: the top is shown with a replica of the rear LCD screen; this electronic screen is what you view the image on with the "EVF" prism or "WLF" finder.
    As to the 75MP sensor, it stands to reason that if you cut a square from their 4:3 aspect ratio 100MP CMOS sensor, you get 75MP with 40 x 40 mm.
    This is only marginally bigger than the square 16MP CCD backs of old (just under 37 x 37 mm), but of course it will have much higher resolution and much better high ISO & long exposure performance.
    I'm a big fan of the square format (I shoot one of the aforementioned old 16MP backs on my Mamiya 645AFD). But with all Hasselblad digital or digital-compatible cameras in the past 15 years, the need for dedicated leaf shutter lenses is a total no-no for me. The depiction of a H-series leaf shutter lens on this concept body is a very bad sign that it doesn't have a focal plane shutter...
  5. Nevertheless if I were forced to
    go digital this is the camera
    that I would buy. No other
    digital camera to date has
    aroused my interest
  6. I've seen it on dpreview ... looks like a horrible contraption to me. And since it is pictured with a H system lens, I doubt and adapter for V system lenses will ever exist.

    The LCD "focusing screen" nailed the coffin for me.
  7. It is basically an x1d with a form factor similar to the classic V, so the top screen is for framing with focusing performed automatically as in
    the x1d. This would easily allow waist level shooting, which I think is a great idea. But I suppose an adjustable finder similar to that
    proposed by the Fuji medium format camera (with adapter) would also be practical alternative. Much of the volume of the box is not
    needed, and would be empty? Lots of room for a big battery, though. A box would provide a nice platform to attach a flash and grip.
    Regarding the comments about the shutter; As we all know, the leaf shutter allows flash sync at all shutter speeds, and exhibits very low
    vibration. There also is no rolling effect in fast moving objects as for a focal plane shutter. IMHO, a leaf shutter is much more desirable
    than a focal plane shutter. I think the concept is very interesting, and would like to see it brought into production. Hasselblad has its
    mojo back. And the pricing is inviting for serious amateurs.
  8. And since it is pictured with a H system lens, I doubt and adapter for V system lenses will ever exist.​
    Lubos, I imagine that the V (CF)-to-H lens adapter for their H series of 645 cameras would also work on this; I think the body just needs a standard PC flash port. However, it's a $1650 gizmo.

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