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  1. Hi All -
    The past ten days have brought one problem after another and now, it appears as if something is badly wrong with one of my CF cardes. Of-course, it has to be the 16GB Pro card - the most expensive. Now, here's the difference:I had no problems transfering my images from the card to my computer, this went as usual. The problem came when I put the card back into the camera. Now the camera cannot recognize the card. I tried formatting the card, but the camera says it cannot read the card. I then placed the card in my other camera and the same thing. The computer still recognizes the card. Camera #1: Canon 5D II; Camera #2: Canon 5D. Card: Sandisk 16GB Pro CF. I know that no card lasts forever, but this card is only about 6months old and I have other CF cards (Also Sandisk) that I've been using much, much longer. I know people have cards fail when their computer won't recognize the data or the camera somehow screws up, but I haven't heard of one failing in this manner, although that may not mean anything. I also know how to attempt to recover "lost" images, but in this case, that isn't the issue. So, do you think this card is gone or is there something I can try? BTW: Both cameras have no trouble recognizing and writing to the other CF cards. Thanks guys!
  2. Probably going to have to send it back (should be under warranty). When I first bought a digital camera, a Lexar 2GB card (worth over $100 at the time) had a similar failure within 6 months. I sent it back to Lexar and they sent me a new one that has been fine since.
  3. Have you formatted it with your computer via a card reader? Do that, then put it in the camera and reformat, I have had luck doing that before.
  4. I've never had this type of problem. I make a practice of transferring all of the images off my cards daily and reformatting them right away. I'd call the card manufacturer for advice. My guess is that a reputable company (sounds like your cards come from major manufacturers or suppliers) will send you a new card.
  5. This is a rough guess: does the Canon 5D instruction manual have a 16Gb card in the OK to use category? And - another guess - are you shooting some images with the Canon 5D, and then using the same card in your Canon 5D II body? If you are, that is a sure-fire way to have problems with a card. Generally, you should format the card in one camera....then use the card. After you put the images on your computer's hard drive, you should format the card (again) before using it on a different camera body.
  6. What are the pro's and con's of using a card reader or downloading directly from the camera?
  7. "What are the pro's and con's of using a card reader or downloading directly from the camera?"
    A card reader: requires no 'battery on' time for your camera. If you have a slow reader, you have the option to buy one that has a faster transfer rate (speed.)
    The camera: you have to keep track of the cord to connect the camera-to-your-computer. You need a 'fresh' battery in your camera. A battery that lacks power to complete the transfer will make your time go much longer in the process.
    Which is better? That is for you to decide.
  8. Hi guys - thank you for the suggestions and ideas. I thought I had posted a reply last night, but something happened and since the reply is not here...I suspect "user error". To answer your questions: I have separate memory cards for either camera and do not intermingle usually. I put the card in question into the 5D simply to see if the camera might recognize the card - it didn't. I generally download my images and then reformat the card in the camera daily - or at least after every outing. I use the card reader built into my computer and do not download directly from the camera. Personally, I find this more efficient and faster. The 5D-II can handle up to a 128GB memory card, although, personally, I wouldn't use this large a card, but if you were doing video, I can see how it might be necessary. I have not tried formating the card in the computer, but will try that because there seems nothing to be lost. I have also sent an e-mail to Sandisk asking for help and hoping for a replacement card.
    Thanks again for your help.

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