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    Control of what is in front of the camera -- only if inanimate or well paid! No offense intended, Tim! DSC_8788_4616DSC_8788.JPG
  2. Yes. There is uncertainty. Thankfully, I'm pretty careful not to claim certainty at any point in the photographic process. I hope this keeps me open to possibilities I may not have thought of and adventures that don't take for granted a lot of the baggage I may otherwise carry around.
  3. Not taking offense at all, Sandy. Just don't know what you're saying with the photo in regard to your text.
  4. There is one certainty I'm sure you and anyone who photographs with some level of passion will agree with and that is things look very different and possibly more interesting when viewed within the frame provided by a photograph.

    Even an LCD preview on a digital camera can't really do it justice until you see it as intended in post. Those are my learned certainties that are not always certain but I'm glad I have a trash can.
  5. I think the "possibly" part undercuts the certainty part.

    In any case, we were talking about my active role at times in posing and/or positioning people, which doesn't yield a certain result but affects the result significantly, even though lots of other factors do as well.

  6. Painters and sculptors have it so much easier ... I was recently watching an art documentary, and Donatello's David came up. I've seen that sculpture dozens of times in books and videos, and read/heard it discussed at great length. But in this documentary, they pointed out that the wing from Goliath's helmet runs aaaaaaalll the way up the inside of David's leg, up the inside of his thigh ... [see here]

    I'd always noticed the hat, the booties, the stance, everything else, but I missed that little detail. Just in case you had any doubt about what Donatello was up to.

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