Gather Round, Hanimex People

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    You can now add a PROMASTER AUTO MC 200MM F3.3 brand to the mystery of the 200mm f3.3 lens. I found this lens in a pawn shop for $10. I was interested in the odd-ball f3.3 aperture. I took some test photos with this lens adapted to my Samsung NX1, that I posted on my blog: mynx1.blogspot
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  2. The green stuff is what haunted me while reading this thread--especially the MC, which I assume stands for 'multi coated.' I have this lens with the J.C. Penney name on the lens ring. Back in the day, Penney sold a Canon AE-1 kit that included the body, a standard lens, and this 200mm. I think that there was something like a 28mm also in the package. I bought the whole thing from a Vietnam vet who was down on his luck--and he died before being able to claim it again. Need to dig it out and see what is there! :)
  3. I've had an interest in the 200 / 3,3 for years and gathered a list of many brands who sold basically 2 versions of these lenses. Right now I can't find my list but I keep looking and it can't be too far. There is the "Hanimex type" with the 67mm filter size. Some copies are said to be good / very good (like the Soligor > Soligor 200mm f3.3 ) and others are less than average. The thing is as much as possible, try it before buying. And then there is the 62mm version which is a different lens, a bit smaller, lighter, and with an obvious different construction. Again, they came under plenty of different brands and optical quality varies a lot. Try them before buying. I do have 6 different lenses with various brands. I'll post again ASA I find my list.

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