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  1. Promaster200mmOnNX1.jpg
    You can now add a PROMASTER AUTO MC 200MM F3.3 brand to the mystery of the 200mm f3.3 lens. I found this lens in a pawn shop for $10. I was interested in the odd-ball f3.3 aperture. I took some test photos with this lens adapted to my Samsung NX1, that I posted on my blog: mynx1.blogspot
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    The green stuff is what haunted me while reading this thread--especially the MC, which I assume stands for 'multi coated.' I have this lens with the J.C. Penney name on the lens ring. Back in the day, Penney sold a Canon AE-1 kit that included the body, a standard lens, and this 200mm. I think that there was something like a 28mm also in the package. I bought the whole thing from a Vietnam vet who was down on his luck--and he died before being able to claim it again. Need to dig it out and see what is there! :)
  3. I've had an interest in the 200 / 3,3 for years and gathered a list of many brands who sold basically 2 versions of these lenses. Right now I can't find my list but I keep looking and it can't be too far. There is the "Hanimex type" with the 67mm filter size. Some copies are said to be good / very good (like the Soligor > Soligor 200mm f3.3 ) and others are less than average. The thing is as much as possible, try it before buying. And then there is the 62mm version which is a different lens, a bit smaller, lighter, and with an obvious different construction. Again, they came under plenty of different brands and optical quality varies a lot. Try them before buying. I do have 6 different lenses with various brands. I'll post again ASA I find my list.
  4. I also picked up a Hanimex rarity, attached to a Minolta X500. It was a 35-70 mm f2.5-3.5 zoom. It has a macro capability of 1:2.7 and is very similar to the Soligor and Access zooms of the same specifications which are seen a bit more frequently. For these latter two Sun and Kobori were mentioned as possible manufacturers. It seems to perform adequately and also seems to have constant max aperture up to 60 mm focal length when the smaller aperture kicks in..
  5. Rick, that lens looks like a beautiful sample and the pictures as always are beautiful. It's a sign the camera and lens are in good hands.
  6. Thanks, Rob. In this somewhat unusual "New" format you'll find that historic posts have a disconcerting habit of reappearing in the current lists if someone posts a reply; in this case the thread was initiated in July of 2012 ! So, it pays to check the inaugural posting date before considering a reply. I'm not sure that I still have the lens that was the subject of the original post... You may well have seen it back then!
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  7. Hanimar 135mm preset, rather bashed-up lens, nevertheless...

  8. I read somewhere that those"green line" Hanimexes, like yours and the one in the OP, were a cut above the regular type, which were fairly budget lenses.
  9. I owned a green line Hanimex zoom some years back and sold it on eBay. Got about $20 for it as I dimly recall. One thing I do clearly remember about it on eBay was how quickly it sold. I don't recall where I got it from or what I paid for it. It was probably part of an outfit I bought, which I often will do to get one or two items from it, then sell the rest.

    I do remember testing my Hanimex zoom and concluding that it was actually a very good performer. I think it was just a 70-210 or something similar.

    As for others who commented some years ago in this thread that f/3.3 was "silly," I'm reminded of a few Tamron lenses I own where Tamron could have fudged some, but they didn't because they decided to err on the side of accuracy. The Tamron SP 60-300mm f/3.8-5.4, for example, or the 80-210 f/3.8-4, or the SP 24-48 f/3.5-3.8. I mean, they could have called the 60-300 a f/4-5.6 and nobody would have minded. Or the 80-210, an f/4, or the 24-48 an f/3.5 or f/3.8, and I don't think anyone would have cared. But there's certainly nothing wrong with erring on the side of accuracy, if it could be called an error at all.
  10. My Hanimex 35-70 mm zoom also has "unusual" f2.5-3.5 max aperture values. But it has 4 control rings: a miserly quarter turn for normal focusing from 0.7 m to infinity, a tad more for the focal length, another quarter turn for macro selection and the aperture. It takes some getting used to. It doesn't have a green line though:(
  11. A lot of Hanimex stuff was distributed by Jessops in the UK along with other cheap and cheerful lenses, Occasionally Jessop came up with much higher quality surprises under their own brand. Their 6 element 50mm f2.8 enlarging lens might be an example. JESSOPS 50mm f/2.8, 6 ELEMENT DARKROOM ENLARGER LENS | eBay
  12. I don't know if I'm a Hanimex person, or not, but I just acquired a Hanimex Praktica Super TLS with the reputedly excellent Oreston 50mm f/1.8 lens. So, the title of this thread caught my eye. That's a really nice-looking, if large, lens. The Oreston can't compete on looks. :)
  13. The Hanimex Treasure to look for is the "scalematic" 135mm f2.8. I have one in PK mount with the famous Green Ring proudly on the front.

    Hanimex dual focus 135mm.jpg

    This is like the famous 200mm Sigma "scalematic" - in that it has 2 focus rings. One close to the camera for main focus and a second front ring that turns the lens into a near-macro. Turn this when the lens is at its closest focus using the closer large ring.

    The 200mm Sigma scalematic is always fiercely bid for on eBay - but the usual snobs miss out on the Hanimex 135mm. Mine cost £5 GBP, about 7 USD.
    Sigma 200 mm scalematic.jpg

    Add your flashgun, dial in F8 or F11 and this Hanimex is a brilliant close up telephoto lens. Great for flowers, insects etc where the flash isn't showed out by the lens and you have a good working distance to the subject.

    Used for portraits at F2.8 or F3.5 - the front ring can be used to "de-focus" the periphery of the image. Wonderful fun and a surprise in an otherwise era of predictable kit zoom function!

    Best Wishes - Paul C

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