Fuji Neopan Acros II - Coming this fall

Discussion in 'News' started by Dave Luttmann, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Great news! Looking forward to seeing what they’ve got.
  2. Never been a big Acros guy, but I have a 5 pack and a few loose rolls of 120 floating around in the freezer that I'd put away for the right subject.

    It can be a beautiful film shot right, although for me it's never been a 35mm film-I've primarily shot it in 120 and a little in 4x5. I know night and astro guys love it for its excellent reciprocity.

    I'm certainly not one to complain about a film coming back to the market, though. Now if only Kodak would listen and bring back Plus-X!

    Still, though, aside from a lack of pricing information, I wish that they'd given format availability also. Hopefully we'll see 35mm up to 8x10, although I suppose a phased roll-out like Kodak did with Ektar a few years ago, and now supposedly is doing with Ektachrome, is a possibility.
  3. I hear a lot of stuff about Plus-X, what made it so special? Can't something like Adox CMS20 replace it?
  4. The closest equivalent on the market is Ilford FP4+, and truthfully in many ways it's a better film.

    Plus-X gives me a tonality that I find difficult to replicate in any other film. It's also a bit less contrasty than FP4+, which again is probably the most similar film to it on the market.

    I shoot a lot of FP4+, and often in sheet film where I would shoot Plus-X if available. I have enough 120 and 35mm Plus-X that I can still pull it out when the occasion calls for it. Depending on the scene, I have been known to do FP4+ in D76 1:2 to get the contrast I want where Plus-X would get straight D-76 for the same scene. Developed the same, FP4+ tends to have a bit finer grain than Plus-X, but by doing D76 1:2 on it I end up with more apparent grain than using D-76 stock on Plus-X. The difference is subtle, but there.

    TMX was actually Kodak's "official" replacement for PX. To bring things back around, though, I'll take Acros any day of the week and twice on Sunday over TMX!

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