Four frames of film from 9/11

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  1. Photojournalist Robert Clark shares four frames from that morning:

    I dare say that anyone over the age of 4 or 5 remembers exactly what they were doing at that moment. I wasn't doing anything particularly noteworthy, FWIW.

    A little trivia, related to 9/11...

    Sex & the City (minor spoiler coming up, so stop reading now if you haven't seen much of it) began filming in 1999, I think. You see the Twin Towers in the opening credits, if I'm not mistaken. Either way, they are occasionally seen.

    There is something that I only noticed - I was only able to notice - after season 2 or 3, I believe. You know what that was?

    9/11 never came up in the show. I thought that was a fair decision. Odd, perhaps, but fair. It might have distracted from the premise and mood of the show. If you have seen the show, what do you think about that?
  2. What horror did the photo evoke? Obvious less than what the people in and around WTCII. My wife and I visited Ground Zero during the Veterans Day weekend and the site was still smoldering. The smell was undefinably awful.
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  3. I was getting ready for work with the TV playing in the background, two hours behind NYC time. We were very concerned about the "accident" that flew an airliner into the first tower. As an Architect I'm very aware of the implications, and was thinking intensely about what the consequences and outcomes might be. Then the plane flew into the 2nd tower as we watched. I turned to my (then) wife and said simply "We're at war." How little did I appreciate how very, very true that statement was, and would remain for twenty years into the future... It's very sobering for me to think about today.
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