Finding the last kibble...

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sandy Vongries, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Kind of "puppy centric" at the moment - a little transference, after Chili has a full bowl of food he searches for whatever few kibbles got
    dislodged from his bowl. Without having had even a snack, I find myself, the last week or so, searching for any useful last "kibble" of information on PN. I will even read posts by interesting contributors on camera systems I would never buy (thanks Gerry!). 'Bout all that still works is No Words. Curse & blessing - I was spending too much time here. One man's opinion.
  2. I wonder what silenced PN. - Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopaholism distracting America from the Internet? - I even pondered becoming active on Facebook, to maybe find a substitute.
  3. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    There was me wondering what a kibble was...

    Then it dawned on me. American poster, Ah! Dog food.

    We call it dog food over here :)

    Anyway, posting does seem to be on the slow side. It only takes a few of the old, profligate posters to leave a site to make a huge difference.
    People change, move on, and forums do too. Except, forums tend not to change.

    If a forum doesn't change and keep up with the times/technology it falls by the wayside.
    Annoying things, like having to log out and back in after about 10 posts as the page does not finish refreshing, maximum size of image posting
    restricted to 800 pixels, upload and posting errors to name a few.
  4. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    i wondered what was causing my average number of likes to plummet from 2.658435 to 2.649931 per day and, to make it worse, my most recent uploads were personal faves. ah well, cโ€™est la vie.
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  5. Its the cold weather.
  6. I'd miss
    I looked for something where I could post articles on old stuff, when I was on "sabbatical" here. Not much out there.
  7. We differentiate between wet food (dog food) and dry food (kibble). Also in out house, dry cereal for humans (like corn flakes) are also called "kibble".
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  8. Oh? How does that work? Does it urge you to waste your time shoveling snow instead of posting here? Or does it simply make leaving the domestic AC alone to take pictures outdoors look like a reasonable idea?
  9. Good, dry cat food is getting hard to find too. Cell phone photography is diluting photo business and now the app selection is so unstable that even that may disappear.
  10. Might I add, some forum "decisions" border on Seinfeld "Soup Nazis" status.
  11. i have even, wow,, had recourse lately to books I have not really read closely. On my desk is "Matters of Light and Depth by Ross Lowell. Still enjoy the feel, smell and crisp feel of books. I check in out of well carved routine mostly. As to the other place, the one owned by Amazon, it depresses. Clever over kind is not a custom I can admire and that is the redwood chip on the shoulder that end conversation. On line that is. Facebook special interest groups are a source of shared info sometimes. But you pays your money and takes your pick of advice.

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