Film Camera Week for September 10

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  1. In Waiting for Giants, it looks like old wagon wheel hubs were used for the bases of the front legs.
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  2. davidspahr said:
    You're quite right. I didn't notice that until I'd scanned the negs!

    Meanwhile, here are a few images from the Nikon F-601's I pictured over in the "What camera..." thread. The lens was the Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 and the film was Arista EDU Ultra 100 developed in PMK Pyro.

    On Hold

    On Hold copy.jpg


    Testing the F-601 #5 copy.jpg


    Vrooom! copy.jpg

    @ 9 AM

    Testing the F-601 #3 copy.jpg


    Wabbit copy.jpg

  3. DL-018_Plaque.jpg DL-019_Speeltuintje.jpg DL-020_SM.jpg DL-022_Kelderramen.jpg
    Fuji DL100 Kodak Double X
  4. Learning to fish. Nikon F2, 105/2.5, FP4+. Buceo dock, Montevideo 2018.

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  5. I was given a V700 recently, but did not get the power adapter (nor the scanning frames). Bought a 'compatible' adapter......didn't fit grrrr.....
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  6. Try Best Buy if you live near one.
  7. Unfortunately we don't have that chain of stores here. I did visit a local shop, but any plugs they had had the same problem, where the central pin in the plug is too thick for the socket in the scanner.
  8. Rick- if you can get the right voltage you might could have a custom plug made. That's too nice a scanner to not use.
  9. ]


    Here's some Townsend, TN photos shot recently. Olympus 35 RC. Zuiko 45 mm/f.2.8. Shot at 1/125, F8.




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