F to LTM Adapter-does it exist?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ben_hutcherson, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. The above seems to be a bit elusive to me.

    I'm looking for an adapter to allow M39(LTM) lenses to fit an F mount. Yes, I know they won't infinity focus-I need to do some high magnification work at work, and I'm looking at the old trick of using an enlarger lens on a set of bellows.

    I had a couple in FD mount, and at one time it seemed that they were ubiquitous in pretty much every lens mount. There again, in the dark old days this was a common way to do high magnification work. The F mount version seems elusive, though. I can find plenty of adapters to put F mount lenses on LTM cameras, but not the other way around.

    Can anyone point me to one, or perhaps have one lying around that you'd want to part with?
  2. It does indeed sounds obscure. Good luck with it.

    If it's for macro, wouldn't you be better with a reversing ring? In which case it shouldn't matter what mount is on the end of the lens.
  3. I can't remember having much trouble finding one online. IIRC I just did a google search for "Nikon to Leica 39mm adapter" or something similar. I do remember it was cheap - there didn't seem to be much point in overspending on a simple, dumb bayonet to screw-thread adapter.

    Edit. There's one here.
    Seems a bit pricey for what it is though.

    If you really can't find a single adapter; Nikon to 42mm adapters (without lens) are easy to find, as are 39mm to 42mm thread adapters.
  4. I wanted to mount my enlarging lenses (which has the 39mm thread) on my Nikon bellow. I couldn't find the adapter either so I had to buy an adapter from 39mm to 42mm and then added the 42mm to F mount.
  5. I did something similar with my EOS DSLR. I already had an M42 adapter for it, so I bought an M39 to M42 adapter. All that was was a thin piece of threaded metal. M42 threads on the outside, M39 threads on the inside. Worked fine, but obviously only as a macro.

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