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  1. Gents - thanks again and I'll call it a day as your divergence into ISO standards etc. is certainly beyond my primitive comprehension and my reason for initiating this thread. I'll just live with the D700 and appreciate what I could claw back regardless (J.R. below before and after wrongly spot metered in a hurry thinking"tis dumb-dumd again with the blackbox!"). Salutes to all gearheads out there.
    DSC_4859.jpg DSC_4859_02.jpg
  2. I often photograph horses that are a very similar colour to your canine friend. I'm always surprised by just how dark they really are and the meter doesn't agree.

    Sometimes I think dark brown somehow appears bright to the camera! Maybe it's their shiny dark fur.....? :D
  3. he’s actually black&tan and a nightmare to shoot- spot meter and the whole scene horrendously overexposes. Matrix meter and he just seamlessly blends in the shadows and disappears. Must shoot raw.
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  4. Apparently that's the main reason more black cats remain in rescue centres than any other colour.

    They're hard to take pictures of for social media posts!
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  5. Thank goodness for that!
    Otherwise the Internet would definitely break from the googleplex of extra cat images posted every half-hour.:cool:
  6. IMG_20210505_141443.jpg
    What? Cute little me... evil?
    How dare you!?

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