Email sent today stating your account will be upgraded is not from us

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. dvb


    Another day, another breach. Time to cancel this account I never use.
  2. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Why is it that the only members 'threatening' to leave are ones we never knew were here in the first place ?
  3. Well this explains the uptick in visitors to this site from an average of 50 going up to 75.
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  4. Glenn, don't you think that banner warning is a little small? I never look at that black bar when I login. The font is just too small.

    Some may be viewing on smaller screens like laptops.
  5. I checked the profiles of the ones I'm assuming you suggest and it shows some signed up as far back as 2009 with very little activity, maybe a couple of comments. I don't know who these people are. And I haven't received an email from PN either.
  6. Yeah it's pretty clear the user database has been compromised (otherwise how are you pairing names and specific email addresses). admins should not be sending out an email suggesting people ignore the phishing messages. Instead they should be focusing on how they were compromised, and once remedied they should require password resets for all users.
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  7. If all you did was download the file, but did not run the file, it is not likely that your computer is affected.

    If you landed at a website that displayed images or ads, there is a small possibility that something was downloaded and/or executed without your knowledge. If you find any files on your system that you can't identify, don't open them. The really nasty stuff shows its face pretty quickly. I would consider making a backup of your important work now and removing the backup files from any connected device, just to be safe.
  8. Should be bigger. I missed it coming here today to see if anyone else was complaining about this. Like others in this thread, I would like very much to cancel my 'account' at I haven't used it with any regularity for years. Please direct me to the exit.
  9. i must've created this account in 2005 and haven't visited the site since. received the phishing email. How do i delete my profile/account from this site?
  10. I got exactly the same

    Sounds like has been breached.

    How do I close my account completely?
  11. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Is there a possibility that the breach occurred with an outdated version of the members' database, as it appears to be mainly people who have been members for a long period who have been affected by this ? Just a thought.
  12. dvb


    It's very simple. The site is laid out in such a way to make it difficult to close one's account. So, people sign up, find that the site is not for them, but then can't figure out how to close their accounts. They give up. Time passes. The site is breached and its data assets are obtained by hackers. The lowly shadow people get an email. They come here to annoy site regulars.
  13. Over the years I have ended up signing in at on three different email addresses.

    All 3 received a "notice" today - however none of the 30 odd other email addresses that regular receive spam did.

    I am certain that the mailing has been stolen somehow.

    Further more - I believe the correct thing to do NOW is email all accounts to warn them - before they click on the fake email and get hacked.

    Putting it on the site here is far too late!
  14. Thank you. I'm really annoyed that I fell for this. I make it a rule never to click on anything I receive in emails.
  15. As asked before, How do I close my account?
    Is there an admin that can/will answer this simple question?
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  16. I also received 2 emails re upgrade and charge to my account. I immediately tried to sign in via the Legit Photo (dot)net site but couldn't remember my password, so requested a new password reset. I also checked by mouse-over the links in the scam email and saw that they were not photonet links, but a zip file. I immediately deleted both emails. If I receive an email requesting stuff from me, I ALWAYS check the validity before doing anything with the email. safety practice number one. do I change my User Name? I have already changed my password.
  17. I received the "Subscription Confirmation" email as well (identical to the one pasted above).

    I agree with the others in this thread: not sending out an email to affected people (or barring that, all subscribers) is near-Equifax levels of irresponsible. Very few people will think to check the homepage and fewer still may notice the black bar with 0.5em font.

    If you're savvy enough to be commenting on this thread, you probably already realize that a safe assumption is that was breached and your account information was compromised. While they continue their investigation, it's probably smart to change your password (and passwords on accounts that share the same password -- not that anyone would do this, of course!). Given the lack of expedient and forthright communication from today, I wouldn't wait...
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  18. Trying to change my password and I get: current password is not correct. Which is BS as I am using it on a daily basis to log into PN. And I just tried it in a different browser and the current password works. No idea what PN has on file! Another bug in the system or evidence/result of the recent attack?
    I just received warning email from PN.
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  19. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    We are doing both - we are notifying people of the email earlier today by email and banners our goal is to let people know not to click on it because it was not from us.

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