Efke IR820 Development

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  1. Hello. I shoot a lot of 35mm Infrared Film. I mostly shoot Ilford SFX 200, and am satisfied with the IR effect, even though it is not truly IR film. I have a few rolls of Efke IR820, and would like to shoot them before all of the leaves disappear completely. Does anybody know if Ilford ID-11 developer will work with Efke IR820? I have a large amount of the Ilford developer, and would prefer not to have to buy a different developer.
  2. Well ISO 3 with at true IR filter and and 8-11 minutes straight... no dilution.. Sorry about the times but IR light is just so different through the day.
  3. Yes, iso 1,5-3 and above suggestions are OK. In fact IR820 is an Efke 100 film with extended NIR capabilities.
  4. Will the Ilford ID-11 developer work to develop the film..?
  5. Yes 8-10 minutes.
  6. Awesome. Thanks for the help.
  7. Just for reference, the datasheet for Efke IR820c calls for souping 7 minutes in Ilford ID-11 stock, at 20C with one agitation every 30s.
  8. Jeff as with all things that is a starting time... As I said IR light is not normal...

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