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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Dieter Schaefer, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Dieter, I suspect she had the feeling that you like the 10-24. ;)
  2. Dieter, by the way, I am keeping my Nikon 10-24mm lens after all, as the new Tamron 10-24mm VC HLD (that you are keeping) costs about the same, if not more than, an excellent used Nikon unit. If after you have sufficiently tried it and have determined that it is decidedly superior, please let us know.
  3. Most lenses are enough better in the center that they do better on DX bodies.

    But if a lens really is just as good to the edge, the extra enlargement of the center portion means lower image quality.
  4. I bought a used D700 about two years ago.

    One reason is that I sometimes like wider angle views, and that is just a little easier with the FX frame size.

    I didn't price the DX superwide lenses, though, but I suspect that they are more than I would have wanted to spend.

    If you already have some FX superwide lenses, or find good prices on them, consider the price of a used D700 or D800 to use them with.
  5. B&H used prices for the Nikon 10-24 are a lot higher than what I ended up paying for the Tamron (even if I had paid full price).
    I very much doubt that it is much better than the Nikon - and since I don't have access to the latter, I can't do a direct comparison. Here's one, done on a D500; claims Tamron is better than the Nikon: Nikon 10-24 vs Tamron 10-24 VC: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

    Third party ones on the order of $400-$650, Nikon's 10-24 at almost $900.

    I really don't NEED the Tamron 10-24 VC - but with the discount and what I expect to make from selling the Tokina 11-16, I end up paying less than Sandy did for his refurbished Nikon 10-20: AF P Nikkor 10-20 4.5-5.6 G DX VR

    That ship has sailed many years ago - the Nikon 16-35/4 VR is the lens that got me to buy into FX. First with a used D700 which later got replaced by a D810.
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  6. Dieter, think you got a good deal on the Tamron lens then. :)

    Prices do go up and down on eBay. I have seen them selling/sold for less than $400 (when we were discussing these lenses) of units in excellent condition by sellers who have great feedback; and some Tamron units were selling higher than Nikon. Now this one - Click on this Link ($488) - should be in great condition. There are units at lower prices as we speak.
  7. From Japan - how much duty on top of the price paid? And the issue that the lens never can get service at NikonUSA. I'm pretty much done purchasing lenses or cameras on ebay - and certainly done selling them that way. But you are correct, the Nikon 10-24 tends to sell for a lot less on ebay than the prices I saw for used copies from B&H.

    Indeed. $100 off the new price thanks to the one-day ebay deal.
  8. Duty? Nothing. and shipping is surprisingly fast. Never had a problem from Japan.

    eBay is actually a [much maligned] safe place to buy and sell if one follows a few guidelines. There is not a problem even if one gets scammed, as eBay takes care of it immediately. So being an experienced eBayer, I am not afraid to buy from "imperfect" sellers. Last month I bought a Gitzo tripod at a good price from a seller with zero feedback (normal wisdom is "don't touch"). Tracking showed the tripod was being shipped from Frankfurt Germany instead of Oregon USA (as stated on the listing). That was strange. Then it went to a P.O. Box at my local post office instead of to my address. So I went to my local post office (where I live is a bit rural, the post office people know me personally - and I'm afraid probably know what goes in an out - no secret, haha.) So she said "Oh was that your package?" She showed me a note she jotted down, said she called the postmaster that the lady to whom the P.O. Box belonged to received a tiny bag from Germany with nothing inside. She took a picture of the package with the address on it. It seemed the scammer wanted to create a tracking trail alleging it was delivered. Very silly - as it was not delivered to where it was supposed to go; and tracking info is rather detailed. So I called eBay and they asked me to send a message to the seller that I did not receive the pkg and that it went to a PO Box that I don't have. Actually eBay wrote it on my behalf at my request. (I think they probably gave the seller the benefit of the doubt that there was an error?) Then the seller responded saying he already shipped the item and it was delivered. I then contacted eBay and got a full refund the next day, and the seller's account was suspended. This is the 2nd scamming event in many years of buying-selling at eBay. Both resolved perfectly.
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  9. Sandy Vongries

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    Agree with your post - add one thing, unless I've done business there before always PayPal. Many transactions and not a bad one yet. (Knock, Knock)
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  10. Then things certainly have changed - when I got scammed (as a buyer) about a dozen years ago, ebay was of no help whatsoever. None, nada, zilch. I have done a lot of buying/selling privately on ebay but even more buying for a company I worked for some dozen years ago. Since then, buyer protection has come a long way on ebay; in those days, the seller was better protected than the buyer (nowadays it appears to be just the opposite). For the last few years, I've resorted to trading at my local camera store - much less hassle than dealing with ebay.

    Good to know - I never purchased from Japan directly.
  11. Sandy Vongries

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    Every item I've bought from Japan has been better condition than described - there are US vendors who are the same, but not always the case.
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  12. Addendum to my prior responses: Most people look at eBay for used items. Actually it is a good place to buy new lenses (and other new items) as well, especially when it offers a 10% eBucks discount (credit - $100 max). Personally I enjoy new camera equipment more, or at least mint or near-mint. Currently I have about $250 eBucks to spend and I am thinking hard on what to buy with it. :D Imagine if one can use the $250 credit plus a 10% discount on a $1K lens ($1000 - $100 -$250 = $650). It is a terrific deal.

    Now I think eBay will send me a commission for advertising. :D
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  13. Vincent Peri

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    I've had good luck buying lenses from Japan, the latest being an absolutely beautiful late model non-AI Micro-Nikkor 105 f/4.0 lens that was factory converted to AI by Nikon.

    The only thing that bugs me about the eBay Japanese listings in the relatively high number of sellers rating their cameras/lenses "Excellent+++", but whey you read the description, they add "some little fungus" or such to the description. Kills it for me.
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  14. Glad you mentioned this.

    This is eBay Tip #1 ;) : Always read the item description and look at the photos carefully. If it's an expensive item, always ask a question that is important to you and yet not addressed in the description. Check the Seller Feedback. If it's not 100%, look at the complaints to see if they are serious complaints.
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