D850 compared to D810?

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  1. I'm afraid Apple are far more guilty of that than Microsoft. Microsoft are just Kings of Bloatware that slows down older machines to a crawl. Your old Celeron and 4 gig of Ram will still run Win 10.... Just very slooowwly.
    It's a shame that the Linux community are still wedded to their geeky command-line mumbo-sudo-jumbo.
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  2. Agreed. But you just hit the crux of the matter when you wrote "can be compiled". Yes, they can be compiled or in some cases just relinked (rebuilt) to run on other hardware or a later operating system.

    And that is the problem the OP has encountered. The camera the OP wants is a later model that is supported in the latest release of the software - the software that is compiled and built to run on contemporary hardware not legacy hardware. Can Nikon recompile and link the software for legacy hardware? Possible or it may require some changes in which library routines are called. Are they going to do it? No. They probably feel there are not enough uses to warrant the effort to do it and maintain it. It is a matter of cost.
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    "Matter of cost" on more than one level.
  4. I place most of the blame on Apple. Back in the late 1960's or early 1970's I.B.M. with System 360/370, made sure that programs would run the same on each generation of machine. In the 1990's I had programs that were compiled and linked on early 370 systems running on the latest and greatest 370 hardware; no recompile or relink was needed. Of course, there were very few of these programs. Most programs were changed and recompiled for business reasons or to correct logic errors in the programs.

    Microsoft seems to have taken a page from the I.B.M. book. Right now, I am running a Home Inventory suite of programs that I purchased in 2006 under Windows 10. The programs, which use the Jet DB must run in XP Compatibility Mode", but they run.

    Next time buy a Windows machine and forget the silly let's change hardware instruction sets every few years. I.B.M. stopped that when they transitioned from the 1401 family to 360.
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  5. Sallymack, does your version of Apple OS support running Windows as a Virtual Machine? That might be a way around the issue.

    Even if Nikon's software only runs slowly in the VM, once the NEFs are read and saved as DNG or Tiff files you can return to working under the native OS.

    FWIW, Apple's original Motorola chipset was designed from the outset to support virtual machine configuration. It seems a backward step if they've abandoned that architecture.
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    Thanks but from what I can tell the Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) can't run Windows as a VM although Windows can run OS 10.13.6. Like I said, there are other features of the camera that would be problematic, as well, so I'll continue on with what I have and do the best I can with it.
  7. Is this not true then?
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    Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that.

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