"Corrupted Data" on 20D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by phamtan, May 1, 2009.

  1. I'm just bought used Canon EOS 20D last week, now I had this kind of trouble.
    When I shot in JPEG mode, after few shot, I got "Corrupted Data" error message on 20D. When I transfer those "corrupted data" images from CF card to my PC, I only see this (the numnails in red circle):
    I've read a topic in this forum, some people blaimed for CF card's issue! But I have 3 CF cards (Transcend 133X), each card put on to my 20D still have the "Corrupted Data" problem!
    Firmware on 20D is v2.0.3! Please help me on this, I don't know what caused this problem.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Return the camera.
  3. Thanks for your advice, but this EOS 20D does not have Return policy.
  4. Sounds like you'll have to send it in for repair.
  5. OK, make sure you format the CF on the camera. Try different JPG setting such as low, med high res, see if you can isolate the problem. How about RAW? Can you get picture with RAW?
  6. Repair? Could you tell me what problem I had, please.
    Now I'm shooting in RAW mode: some times, image just black if view in PC, if view on EOS 20D LCD creen is ok.
    Just like this:
  7. I always formated CF card on 20D. When ever I shoot in Low, Med, Hi JPEG, RAW....it still ocurrs.
    I'm wondering if it is Firmware problem, My firmware now is 2.0.3, I've download the same (2.0.3) version from CANON website (http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eos20d/eos20d_firmware-e.html)
    I want to replace the current firmware on 20D, but when trying to upgrade/rewrite, it only show a message like this:
    This will stay forever, I could not turn-off the camera. Swith the power to off, Pull-off the Batterry, then put it back is only way to get out of this screen.
  8. edit: ignore this post.
  9. Did you download the firmware update to a CF card using a card reader? You might want to re-read the instructions here.
  10. Thanks William! I've followed correctly step-by-step inductions from Canon! The firmware file is store correctly on root directory of CF card through Card Reader.
    First time, My EOS 300D have problem with 1.0.2 firmware, then I used a differrent version 1.0.2 to rewrite! and succeed!
  11. Are you saying that your EOS 300D has had similar problems, because if you have then may I suggest that there may be a similar process you are using that is the cause?
    Are the same images when viewed in the camera also corrupted, or only when you download them? If it is when you see them on your pc that they appear corrupted then it may the the transfer process i.e cable, card reader or even your harddrive. If they are corrupted in the camera, as you imply, then it is more likely the camera and suggest you reload your firmware if you can. If the camera firmware is damaged you may have to send it back to Canon to get it sorted. This may have been the reason the camera was sold to you in the first place. If it was sold as a fully working item then you may be able to get your money refunded on the grounds you were misled. Different laws apply in different countries.
  12. Thanks Jeff!
    1. My EOS 300D had different issue (Can't change Menu language to English, only CHINESE....bla bla..)
    2. Shoot with JPEG Mode:
    - View on Camera: display "Corrupted Data" Message, no histogram, can't zoom!
    - View on PC: Just like my first picture in this thread.
    3. Shoot with RAW Mode:
    - View on Camera: Fine, both histogram & zoom in, out. It'ok
    - View on PC: only Black image.
    4. Can't upgrade/rewrite the firmware ! D*** it.
  13. Hello
    I have read of issues like this, and I had exactly this problem with my 20D (I hated that camera). I was never entirely sure what the cause was but I had two main culprits
    1. CF media card
    2. the micro switch on the door sensor
    As you know, opening the door on the CF hatch will abort writing. If there is some movement happening there which causes some brief transition of the switch it may indeed do just this.
    I taped my door with masking tape so as not to wobble it when working ... I don't know, but I think this helped. I was at one time losing 20% of my images, but nothing consistent.
    I ended up selling it and going back to a 10D which has been flawless for some years now. Yes it takes a little longer to power on but it has been a most reliable camera.
  14. I suppose you pulled both the bp511 and lil batt out, let it sit a while then a restart ?
  15. Thanks Yoshio!
    Hi Chris, I've did as you said, but still can't upgrade/rewrite the firmware, still stucked in message "CF card containing the firmware is required to update" !
    Images still corrupted! I need to find out what coused to this problem. I appreciate any comments/responds!
  16. Hey Nobody, you must have bought Yoshio's 20D ! I would not buy anything without a return policy.
  17. Peter, alot of 20D had this problem! If I've bought Yoshio's 20D, It's a suprise for me! This world is round, right?
  18. No Body
    I am sure you did not buy my camera, I know the owner to whom I sold it. She claims not to have had problems with it.
    Your report is beginning to sound like a failure to recognise the CF. Canon make specific clamis about the ability to use CF. Canon said to me that if it is not Canon CF card there is no warranty. I recommend you upgrade the firmware with a much smaller card (perhaps 128 Meg if you have one lying around). I suspect that they were doing 'cunning' things with their writing system and this was not compatible with all cards. This is just one such admission, you can find other more comprehensive admissions by canon with this camera.
  19. Do all the CF card pins look OK? eg no bent or missing, like 1/2 broken off :-]
  20. Thanks so much for reply, Yoshio! Could you tell me more information from the Lady you sold 20D for? How could she avoid/solved this problem? is she sent it to Canon for service? or she did some thing else?
    I have 3 CF cards
    - 256MB Lexar
    - 1GB Transcend 133x
    - 2GB Transcend 133x
    They works perfectly!
  21. no body
    she is a 'casual user' who wanted a 'best camera' at the time to photograph her baby and as a hobby. I don't talk with her often but unless she has bought a new card she still uses a plain Sandisk 2G card which I gave her with the camera. She has not ever mentioned loosing images (although I suggested that I was when I sold it).
    when I catch up with her next I will ask what she is doing with the camera, she now lives in Okinawa so it may require an email
  22. You might want to Reformat the CF card in the computer. A rep for the cards told me that sometimes even formatting in the camera still might leave some pixels hanging around (rare but it does happen) Worth a try.
  23. Yoshio Tanaka-san
    Thanks for your help! If you have time/change to catch-up that lady! Please ask she for this issue, I'm looking forward to hear the good news from you!
    Hi Carolyn! I've tried both formating method, by PC/Camera! This still ocurrs! Thanks for your advice.

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