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    Again, one here who much appreciates your presence.
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  2. Gus, your expertise and knowledge is very much appreciated. While I don't have the knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to the content of this thread I've followed it with interest, and a certain mystification; there's an element of eccentricity and disorganisation on the part of the OP/Moderator that lends an air of surrealism to the discussion. I think I'd just acknowledge that some things are never going to make much sense, and move on. I've been watching the contributions of this OP for some some time, with eyebrows slightly raised...
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  3. I totally understand your reaction, but I hope you will reconsider. You are a valuable resource to this community, and your absence would be sorely felt.

    The OP, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. This was the first post I've seen from him, and it demonstrated a complete lack of the qualities necessary to qualify as a moderator even before he deleted people's posts.
  4. I want to know if the OP ever removed the lens mount adapter that was clearly on the right lens of the vanished photo of the two lenses and after it revealed the C/Y lens mount, did he attach it to his Contax camera? (long sentence, Mrs. Blanks wouldn't approve)

    Looks like several or more replies have been deleted because I'm not the first to notice the silver mount adapter on the lens.

    I've been absent from film and for a few years and came back in June. Seems like this place has fallen apart.

    I really appreciate any knowledge that Gus puts on the forum, I'm a technical guy and like technical "stuff" but not a camera repair tech.

    In other important news, I have film and Rodinal from freestyle and ultrafine that should be here Friday.
  5. edit time ran out......I'm a technical guy and like technical "stuff" but I'm not a camera repair tech.
  6. I haven't followed much of what has been said in these threads, but I too would be saddened if a helpful and knowledgeable member like Gus was to leave the community because of an individual's baffling behaviour.
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  7. Don't leave Gus, I just bought a Leicaflex!

    As one of the original responders to the deleted thread, I think it is a shame the thread was never fully resolved. As it progressed, those of us that had given advice became more and more frustrated that the OP was apparently unwilling to admit defeat, and as a consequence, the comments became a bit more pointed and personal. In retrospect, I should have left it alone when I posted "I'm out", by which point I had realised that whatever the advice given, the response would be the same, i.e that we were wrong, we didn't have the specific cameras the OP had, so we could not comment with any conviction. It would be interesting to know why the thread was removed, and by whom.
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  8. Like Rick above I only followed the threads on this subject with growing sense of amazement and surrealism. To see on-topic answers from any member removed is already a pity; a post from those known to be knowledgeable and technically very well informed is even worse.
    The complete lack of transparency really ticks me off, though. Whoever edited the thread should at least leave a not with the fact that posts were removed or edited, and why. Maybe whoever did it has some sort of sound reason, but like this, we can only guess and that only helps making the situation worse.

    I'd hate to see Gus leave, at the same time an upcoming youtube channel is little ray of sunshine in this mess - it'll be much appreciated.
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  9. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator has lately been inundated with spam posts, everything from kitchen remodels to phony passports/IDs/diplomas to horoscope readings to love potions, etc. Moderators are hard pressed to keep up. It used to be easier to control them with the old but many of the moderator tools are no longer available on this new version of On the old forum there used to be a blurb off to the right hand side = "The moderator of this forum is James Dainis." You could click on that to ask me, the moderator, a question. I had complete control aside from top administrators. That no longer exists and all moderators can now exert control in all forums. That can lead to mistakes such as a moderator not familiar with a forum and its members mistaking an informative post as a spam post. I'm quite sure that Tai did not delete anything.

    "Schmidt Rodriguez 35mm camera with Leica mount made with mirror lock up (permanently). $125."

    Is that someone providing information or spam?. A quick glance might indicate to a moderator not used to the forum that it is spam. If I saw that the person posting it was JDM I would know it was intended merely to be informative. Mistakes happen. For that I apologize.

    Moderators had it a lot easier with the old There used to be a Moderator's forum where moderators could post questions and get answers from the other moderators. "Is this spam?" - "No, he is a regular and is just giving information." Moderators are now on their own. Is there even a list of moderators? There used to be but not any more. I, myself, am just about ready to give up. How many moderators have gone and how many are left? Who knows. Has anyone seen Lex and Bob Atkins lately?
  10. The moderators forum is gone?

    I remember how valuable of a resource it was when I was a moderator.

    I am now a moderator on another forum and, again, the moderators forum is a valuable resource. Unlike the pNet moderators forum from the old days, on vBulletin every "reported post" automatically starts a thread in the moderator's forum. Many of the posts are routine business-such as someone reporting "spam" and then a reply from a moderator saying "deleted." Other times, if something is questionable, everyone weighs in before an ultimate decision is made. If one member proves to be a "squeaky wheel" or there's an ongoing spat between two members, an admin will merge all the threads together for a convenient reference for that particular member(and as an easy place to find for future discussions like banning).

    On the forum where I'm a moderator, it's also a place for the owners to at least keep moderators in the loop about major things like employment changes in the parent company or even to air our grievances with the parent company. We have a specific sub-forum in the moderators forum just exactly for that.

    I'm not aware of ANY reasonably sized forum that doesn't have a moderators forum. It's sort of the backbone of a well-run website.

    And, yes, I miss Bob and Lex, along with far too many other non-moderators who have quit participating.
  11. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Ben, did you actually ask to be removed as a moderator? Otherwise you would still see the "Edie Delete IP Warn Report" buttons at the bottom of each post. Occasionally there is a "Spam" button but if you hit that not only does the post disappear but the poster is banned. Careful! There is no longer a page for the designated moderator of a forum to go to, for instance, to enter Bozo words or to suspend a used for a set period of time. A user is either banned or not banned. I have very little control over anything.
  12. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    The moderator's forum disappeared with 2.0. It just wasn't implemented. Given that there was never a good communication channel with Glenn, it was a real setback to any kind of discussion that might help things.

    I haven't heard from Bob in a few years but Lex and I are in touch. He's not on PN anymore. I do know where some of the other mods are also, but I think we are all a lot less engaged at this point.
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  13. Like all of the others who replied ...logically to this post I am pissed that my input and from other well informed experts has been expunged. Like Rick said.. @rasied exebrows@ What kind of ax does this guy have to grind_ He spent too much money on an S2 and it wouldn't take the Konica lens or what???
    I can imagine not too many people have owned multiple S2s? But to keep on and on insisting that the mount was different... something was rotten somewhere? Even if he realized his mistake with the adapter etc ... no problem. But to handle it, in this heavy handed manner.... Certainly there is no S2 mount assured!
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  14. James,

    No, I was never asked to be removed. I was active probably 2006-2009 as a moderator both on the FD forum and classic cameras(Phillip appointed me to the former, and I volunteered for the latter after I'd been a mod for a little while), but then due to my own change in interests and so on just sort of disappeared from the site for a while. I never formally resigned nor did I intentionally/consciously leave the site-I just quit visiting.

    BTW, all I see at the bottom of each post is "report" "like" and "reply"(along with "edit" if I'm within the 15 minute window on one of my own posts).

    The last time I logged into the original version of Pnet, which was maybe either late 2016 or early 2017, I still had my moderator credentials. They just sort of disappeared with Pnet 2.0-I never complained or anything of the sort since I'd been all but absent for a few years and I just assumed that they weren't carried over in the transition. It would have been nice to have at least been contacted somewhere in all of that, but that's water under the bridge and I honestly don't care.

    After seeing the back-side communication of making both Pnet and other fora work, though, I'm alarmed that active moderators no longer have that.
  15. I, for one, appreciate the information you've shared, and the fact that two more moderators spoke up in this thread. However, the situation here is completely different from the normal duty of fighting spam as you described. You apparently did not see the thread prior to Tai's deletion of numerous posts by other people. There is absolutely no doubt that he (or someone else, though I consider that extremely unlikely) deleted them, hid them, or otherwise made them inaccessible to regular members of the forum.

    None of them were blatantly offensive or anywhere near spam. There was no valid reason for their removal. Perhaps Tai was simply having a bad week, but his behavior was irrational and, essentially, the equivalent of a temper tantrum. He egregiously misused his authority by removing posts that A) were from people who were trying to help him come back to reality, B) were inoffensive to any rational person, and C) were of potential value to future readers. As others have stated, Tai appears to have taken great offense to being disputed, though he was clearly mistaken. He basically had a meltdown.

    I am relatively new here. I am NOT new to forums. I have been a member, a moderator, and an admin of various forums since the mid-80's. I understand how thankless a job being a moderator is, but Tai's behavior is inexcusable and if PN is going to tolerate it, its future will be dim, and probably brief.
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  16. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    I am asking Martin to provide his side of the story - please be patient while we sort this out.
  17. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    I’ve always loved Martin’s posts on fixed lens film cameras. His photos of the Contax T family of 38/35mm cameras made my subscription to PN worthwhile & rewarding.

    Please, be gentle.
  18. Thanks for adding the moderator side of things - it's not pleasant to read that that job has become harder too, but at least helps understand why situations like this one can occur. Much appreciated
  19. So, @mtc_photography do you have an explanation for yourself or are you going to continue insisting that you're right?
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  20. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    He hasn't been on since Saturday - I have sent him a DM asking to connect on this.

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