Clients from Hell

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  1. A very amusing site with brief stories/conversations about "problem clients." Most are sent in by designers, but they're things photographers can definitely relate to:

    An example:

    "Client: I don’t like the way you’ve placed those two trees!

    Me: OK, where would you like them instead?

    Client: I don’t know, I just don’t like them that way. Can you not put them in a line like that?

    Me: You… don’t want these two trees to be in a line?

    Client: Right. Don’t put them in a line.

    Me: Should I put them in a circle instead?

    Client: Yes! That would be much better!"
  2. That's *REALLY* funny. Unfortunately, I can relate to many of the comments.
    Thanks for posting the link.
    Tom M
  3. Yep, they're out there, and they vote...
  4. I liked that
  5. Clearly from that insightful link I've severely underestimated the amount of mentally challenged folks who are given the responsibility of spending other people's money.
    No wonder our economy is in the crapper. Proof that cream does not rise to the top in the business world.
  6. Tim - having worked with both government and private-sector clients for the past few decades I can assure you that this type of "thinking" is not relegated to only one sector. It's kind of a nicely-smeared varnish over the population, regardless of who pays them, or even if they figure out how to pay themselves, actually.
  7. Reminds me of an editor I worked with, looking at a page layout: "I'm not sure what we did here, but anything else would have been better."
  8. This reminded me of that recent post here of "camera sales people from the planet Moron" who talked about Nikon v. Canon. (Worse: I even read recently in a forum that the EOS 7D was a "flop!")
  9. Yes, it's scary that they're able to vote. Scarier still that they're able to reproduce.
  10. Mike,
    Thanks for posting. That site is addictive to anyone who has ever worked with customers.
  11. Yes, it's scary that they're able to vote. Scarier still that they're able to reproduce.​
    Clear and rational thinking isn't needed for reproduction. Actually, clear and rational thinking often gets in the way of reproduction.
  12. I am a lawyer. Clients like that show up pretty often in my profession too.
    Not only can they vote; their vote counts the same as mine and yours.
  13. make me remember all kind of strange comment i receive when i was a of them was;
    " This is amazing! it look like ad i see in high end magazine... but it make our clothes look too expensive, can you add a big 19.99$ beside the image or something? " ..
    " B&W images dont sell, its not good to put that in a store.. people wont come in to buy my clothes "
    .... ( a year or so later, a big chain store make a grand reopening and put B&W poster and geant billboard all over the place, the press talk about it like crazy how it was no new and different... the next season, a lot of client just follow this new trend.. suddendly, B&W could sell!)
  14. I think customers are getting worse, perhaps correlating to the decline of etiquette. I sometimes think they are anti-business. After all, we are consumers too. If someone is impossible to deal with, why would I buy from them, or even recommend them to any friends or acquaintances.

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