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  1. I have been taking picture for the past 10 years and well I have been asked to do a task that I have not done before. I have taken nude pictures indoors but never outdoor. One of my best clients want to take some nude shoots outdoor and I am trying to find a place to take these pictures. Do anyone have any ideals.
  2. It always helps if you mention what part of the world you live.
  3. There's a secluded canyon with a stream running through it near my house, where many of the local students go to shoot outdoor nudes. Most of the models don't seem to mind the lack of privacy.
  4. I use to shoot them on my roof in midtown Manhattan. There were often interested spectators in nearby building windows. The building decided to lock the roof because they were afraid that someone would fall off and sue them. They did not know about the nude photography, but ruined it anyway. Privacy? What's that?
  5. One possibility might be to contact a local nudist retreat and see if you can rent some time on their property to shoot. If you're shooting artistic nudes they might be accomodating, but then they might demand that the photog be nude too.
  6. I hope you don't live near me. It snowed here last night.
    Another issue to consider is how concerned is your client with privacy? If they don't mind onlookers it will be much easier to find a good spot. If they are shy about this sort of thing you might consider getting permission to do the shoot on private property.
  7. SCL


    "Outdoors" is a pretty ambiguous term. At the beach, on a mountaintop, in a meadow, with other people or animals present, engaged in an activity - give us some info to work with to give you feedback.
  8. My first choice would be in a secluded area on private property with permission from the property owner. Many years ago I took a class called Photographing the Nude in Nature and we were always on a farm well out of sight from the road. It's not that there's anything wrong or necessarily illegal about shooting nudes outside. But there are enough busybodies in the world who can't mind their own business who might cause problems, and you don't want to end up explaining things to a cop. Regardless of whether your client worries about privacy, there is always a potential for problems in a public area -- sometimes even if the client/model is fully clothed you might get questioned about whether you have a permit, permission, etc.
  9. The busybodies mentioned above might feel intruded upon, just as a woman would if confronted with a flasher, and if children happened to wander by, that opens the floodgates to a whole new sea of troubles. I agree with Craig that you would prefer seclusion; however, I also think you need it to keep things from getting illegal fast.
  10. in a dark, smelly and strange alley full of night. Have her look amazing, super high class wearing Louboutin black leather high heels with ultra good make up, and make her look totaly in control, use a beauty dish and really direct light or even the light of a car to light up the scene..oh my god what a photo shoot it will be!
    maybe too strong for your client? im always thinking fashion editorial ; )
  11. depending on where you live you could do your shoot on BLM land (Bureau of Land Mgt - ie Federal land). My experience is they typically allow it as long as you are not near families, etc. Also some private attractions - like an old ghost town that is open to the public and managed privately. just ask the owner/managers if they'll let you shoot there. some will/some wont.
  12. I think all the comments above are excellent. The only thing I would add is to carefully consider your lighting strategy, as it is often the lighting that makes the difference between a stunning shot and a rather ordinary one. Control of lighting can also help you make stunning shots from very ordinary locations.
    I hesitate to give advice without knowing your experience level - so please dont take offence if these any of these are too obvious!
    If you can shoot at first light or dusk you will get the most desirable warm, low angled light for free.
    Even so, many shots require two light sources - and you can achieve a surprising amount with a simple speedlite, particularly if you can trigger it remotely. At this point it goes beyond providing fill-in flash and can be used for side or back lighting. Large reflectors are similarly useful, and if you are shooting at dawn/dusk then don't be afraid of a gold ones; they match that warm light very well.
    If dawn and dusk aren't possible then you will need to find some shade or use a large skrim to block out that direct light. I know one pro who lights many of his outdoor shots solely with a huge skrim and/or a big gold reflector and I watched him create a beautiful set out of a small ugly area here that we only normally use to store garden tools!
    For those wanting a bit more detail, I have a page explaining the basics of outdoor nude lighting .
    Good luck! Outdoor nudes can be a bit daunting at first but the results make it worth the effort.
  13. That is a very good site Dave. A whole lot of great information.
  14. How nude is nude? A pose like this might not be too difficult outdoors.
    For location, how about a deserted downtown of a large city on weekend?

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