Car Wrecking yard.

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  1. Cooma is a small town on the Monaro region of SE Australia, and is mostly know as the gateway to the Australian Alps. There is, however another attraction here, and that is Flynns wrecking yard just west of the town.
    Flynns has become a bit of an icon, the yard sits on about 5 hectares of land, all of which is covered by rusty relics, and the further up the paddock you go, the further back in time. The yard has been in existence since the 1930's so cars from the very early days right up to modern can be found here.
    If you pay the man $10.00, one is free to roam and take photos all day. Please be aware that these images will depict rust and peeling paint!
    The same Hasselblad 500ELM that I featured earlier was used for these. I had three rolls of outdated Plus-X that I used, and processed in ID11, 1:1.
  2. That's all folks!
  3. Tx,great pix...
  4. Nice pics Tony. Here in Scarborough we have Standard Auto Wrecking near Steeles Ave. It's the biggest yard in the Toronto area. I took a camera with me once and I was told no pictures. There is currently no order in which the vehicles are stacked. It used to be split up by make, but now it's completely helter skelter. Just trying to find anything has become a complete chore.
  5. Excellent results from the Hassy, Tony, and fine tones from the Plus-X. It looks like a light overcast sort of day, my favourite light for excursions such as this. The Buick Eight image has the sort of pop art quality I really go for. It must be old cars and peeling paint season down here in the Antipodes; by an odd coincidence I spent a couple of hours this afternoon on a similar exercise, trying out a new batch of the excellent Adox CHS100 Art. Even the cars looked the same; I'm sure you won't mind my matching your Wolseley pic with a similar one. Mamiya C220, Mamiya Sekor 65mm f/3.5
  6. Who wouldn't appreciate peeling paint!
    Truly a treasure house, wonderfully captured.
    Hasselblad+Plus-X+rust = great square pictures. ;)
  7. Great series, Tony. Excellent images. Thanks for posting.
  8. Thanks Rick, your Wolseley looks like a twin for mine. They were reasonably common on our roads in the fifties and quite good cars in that staid sort of British way.
    How do you find the Adox? I used some of their 25iso film recently, seems ok but my, does it curl!
    Yes JDM, I had forgotten how nice plus-x is, but that's more!
    One thing I have noticed, and you can see this on Rick's shot, is how well the chrome holds up, even when the body is nearly rusted away.
  9. Yeah, the Adox curl is a pain-in-the-whatsit... Lovely "classic" emulsion, but very tender when wet and difficult to scan because of the curl. Much as I like the results, I don't think I'll persist. If anyone knows of a trick to beat the curl, please let me know!
  10. Oh, that Austin logo. I drove an A40 as my first car.

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