Can't change account info

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by TheWestonsSuck, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Bump. Help?
  2. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    I had trouble getting some changes to to stay done a while ago, and I know others did too. My difficulty was solved by logging out, then deleting all's cookies (in Firefox's options/security tab) and then logging in again to make the change again. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Dustin.

    Unfortunately, this still isn't working - I've tried three different browsers, on multiple systems, clearing the cache on each.

    This is monumentally irritating.
  4. Norman

    Norman Norman T Naffington

    what are you trying to change beside your email address? your screen name or first name/last name of your contact info?

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