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  1. Yet another Thursday is here, and if you live in the U.S. hopefully you and your relatives got home safely from the Thanksgiving traveling and from the crazy shopping weekend. Last week's POW thread had poor attendance, but I'm sure a lot of that can be credited to the holiday weekend. I can't wait to see all the photos this week and hopefully we'll be back in full force.
    My Dad runs a premiere high school basketball tournament every December and for the past few years I've designed the program cover for him. This is the 30th year of the tournament so for the design I tried to make a photo that uses memorabilia from the past 30 years. The trophy in the background is one from 1987, my Dad made every trophy himself by hand and painted them, including Runner-up, 3rd, 4th, 5th place, and All Tourney Team trophies. I remember as a kid watching him make them at the kitchen table. Now he has them made by a company, but it always fascinated me how good my Dad was at working with his hands.
  2. Sailing home on the ferry Wednesday evening (12/1) I was lucky to have a gorgeous sunset happening. What a scene! 7D and 24-70 lens, ISO 200, f/5.6,
  3. Morning all.
    Just a quick one from me. Been so busy with the help portrait project and work not had time for some casual photography, so this is another from the previous week. Think you could call this the stink eye?
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  5. Saw this gate handle and quite liked it, I think i have a thing for this type of image :)
  6. I have foster cats again and I had to take a picture of a small wound in the ear of one of them for further evaluation. So I used my EF12mm extension tube and while I had this macro setup on my camera, I snapped a couple of "more normal" close-up pictures, too.
    f/4.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 400
  7. Nothing exciting over the Thanksgiving holidays. This little house sparrow lit on a nearby limb. Didn't have my flash handy so had to use the popup on the 7D.
  8. Philadelphia at dawn from the South St. bridge
  9. I spent my week with my sister and her family, her in laws, and my parents (who drove from Florida) in Pennsylvania. This was taken on Thanksgiving Day as my sister's brother in law carved the turkey. Her dog, Princess, patiently waiting for her hand out.
  10. Not really the expression I was hoping for. My son showing his disapproval for having to sit still for more than 2 seconds.
    5d Mk I and sigma 50 f1.4
  11. I was in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil for Thanksgiving with some friends. It was nice going for early morning walks on the beach. Here's a shot of some fishermen pulling in their net shortly after sunrise.
    And, thanks to Hadi Khademi for his comment on my photo last week.
  12. It was cold the day I shot this, so I just found something to shoot in the basement.
  13. Well done to all, very nice images.
  14. I was driving by these mustard fields when I spied this solitary tree along with the broken down structure through the roadside trees. I had to make a u-turn and take a couple of snaps. (Canon D60, Tamron 24-135, f8, 1/250, 64mm, ISO 100)
  15. Some very well done work this week. Well, I too am in the drolls of late fall shooting. Starting to experiment indoors with lighting. This week featuring a little something - something from one of the "Collections".
  16. [​IMG]
    My First Contribution - Just getting into the DSLR world. Last Mum left before the winter.
    Canon XTi / Stock 18-55mm lens /1/1600 s / f3.5 / ISO400
  17. Didn't get out to shoot this past week, so here's another shot of a Great Blue Heron from a couple weeks back. Shot with Canon 50D and EF 100-300 f4.5-5.6 lens.
  18. 5D2, 50/1.4 Contax Zeiss Planar, 1/100 at about f2.4, ISO 3200
  19. One from our shoot very early today in Dibba, Fujairah, UAE
    5D mk II, 17-40L, B+W ND & CPL
  20. Marathon Rider
  21. [​IMG]
    Ted, a cook at Glide Church in San Francisco where 2,700 free meals a day are served to the poor
  22. Brad. Nice image. What lens and camera did you use?
  23. November Light at the Missouri Botanical Gardens
  24. I didn't take any pictures this week. Too much good food, good company and crappy weather. This is from a year ago in New Mexico.
  25. Here's a pic from a concert I shot in San Francisco the night before Thanksgiving. All of the band members seemed to like this one, based on my selling reports and their Facebook postings ;-)
    Canon 5D Mk II, 24-70 f/2.8L at 70mm, f/2.8 at 1/50, ISO 1600
  26. Taken at a summer Birthday earlier this year (my oldest boys 30th - good lord I am getting on eh...). I really liked the way the fire lit the surroundings and colors of the tie dyed shirts were set off nicely by the warm glow.
    I had my 24 - 70 f2.8 on the camera and no flash, so the shot is hand held, 1/10 s, f2.8, and ISO 3200.
  27. I haven't been out and about much this last week (again?), but the recent bout of snowfall took me out today to my local park to catch an topical image for this weekly posting. This was shot a few hours ago...
  28. [​IMG]
    450d/17-85 at 47mm/F8, 1/125
  29. I was trying to shoot at the concert, the thing I've almost never done before. (7D, 100/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/100, f/2.8)
  30. Thanks, Dan. Snapped with a 5DII + 35/1.4.
  31. Sunset in Ventura on Wedensday. Kinda cold (I know... not compared to the northern parts of the country!) but oh so pretty.
  32. Unable to get out much this past week because of some health issues, but this is one from a couple of weeks ago as the Autumn colors begin to fade away!
    Some really great stuff here as always!
    Happy Holidays everyone!
  33. "Thanks, Dan. Snapped with a 5DII + 35/1.4."
    35 L shoulda known. Great bokeh as is to be expected from a prime of this caliber.
  34. 5D Mk2 Sigma 24-70 ISO 200 1/400 f/7.1 Local orchard turning to fall colors.
  35. Hello all. Here is my shot of an express bound for Edinburgh, Scotland...
  36. Wood Ducks have been passing through Ashland, OR lately
  37. Wood Ducks have been passing through Ashland, OR lately. This one's getting clean.
  38. Here's the picture
  39. Sorry made a mistake
  40. My cunning plan was to stack a number of Full Moon frames, but luck had it that only one in a series of about a dozen turned out reasonably sharp, but still not critically :Sharp. Guess I should have turned the ISO up to cut down the shutter speed while closing down the aperture by a couple of f-stops...
    Don't recall with certainty, but think I used the electronic first shutter curtain trick, a.k.a. 'silent shooting' mode in Canon's lingo, instead of mirror lock-up as per Michael Covington's blog.
  41. An old iron old iron container at work
  42. Very bad weather here, rain and wind, so here's one older
  43. I know I have already posted to this thread (and by the way, I was mistaken...the shot was taken with the 70-300mm zoom not the 24-70mm), but I just have to say, "Nikon produces excellent gear. I think Canon has the upper hand in video and lenses, but Nikon excels in high ISO capabilities." All that aside, these photos are ALL excellent. I looked at the Nikon post from yesterday. They are also excellent. I may be biased, but I think these are better. Each photo tells some story of a moment in time that deserves to be memorialized forever in a photograph. Does that mean that the gear is better, or does it mean that the photographers are better? It is obvious that the photographers are better, and they have chosen gear that is worthy of their talent.
  44. I worked Thanksgiving and a couple of days after it.....
    Yesterday I shot a lot and came up with this. The clouds were good. I used a 10 stop neutral density filter and a ND gradient to get the long exposure of 2 minutes. The Canon 10-22 coupled with my 7D at f 16 and an ISO of 100 captured the moment.
  45. Another shot from the seattle center...this is the reflection of the space needle on the wall of the experience music project (EMP)
  46. Wow Marc, those are some very kind words. Its good to hear that from someone that has a hand in both cookie jars, but for your sake, I sure hope none of the Nikonistas venture over here and read that. :)
  47. 5D, 24-105mm, ISO 800, F4.0 1/8
  48. While I was too much of a wimp to brave the cold again this week, I did get to watch a local tree trimmer sitting thirty feet up in my elm at work in the -25 degrees (Celsius that is). Better him than me.
  49. 7D, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4, iso 400
  50. My 10-year old son was exploring within the remains of a massive old-growth tree stump and we both thought this was particularly cool.
    7D, Tokina 12-24mm @ 12mm, 1/45 @ f5.6, ISO 800
  51. First high school basketball game of the season.
  52. Oops forgot. xti with a Tamron 28 - 75 f2.8
  53. I took this pic last Saturday, midway up the escalator to the 3rd floor at the 7th St. / Figueroa St. Marketplace in dowtown L.A. If you could listen to what was going on at that moment you would hear a pretty pissed off security guard yelling, "I SAID NO PICTURES!".
  54. I apologize for the triple post.
  55. kts


    3 minus 1
  56. Response to Marc Sharp. I agree and disagree. I agree that the brand of equipment is irrelevant in the quality of photography. I've never owned Nikon and probably never will, but that is not because I find any fault with Nikon gear. I started with Canon over twenty years ago, am confortable with it and have enough lenses and accessories that it isn't financially practical to switch. I disagree about the skills of the photographers on the two POW posts. Some beautiful images on both threads, and some rather mundane on both threads. Very few images on either thread that reflect any deficit in skill or talent. Many excellent, talented photographers using both brands of equipment
  57. Lots of great pictures this week. Here is my this week's contribution; spillway of a small local embankment dam.
  58. Cool old lock that a friend loaned me. Very unconventional (the lock, not the photo). It requires all three keys to open.
  59. Quick comments on these photos. However, I must say I've been browsing the Nikon weeklies ever since they debuted a long time ago. Often there is excellent work posted there. Sometimes I think they are better and then some weeks Canon is better. Ha Ha.
    One thing Nikon has on us EOS is they are more adept as posting their images. The %age of posting errors here is nigh unacceptable. It's really easy...
    Anyway, photo comments on this and the previous 2 pages (pgs. 5-7):
    Steve - your duck, (too) small image, but what I can see looks pretty cool.
    Tomek - large moon - a 7D is practically noise-free at ISO 400, use a shutter speed 1/250 or faster - the moon is lit by the sun - point meter it.
    Marcel - rusty, looking for something here though...
    Ervin - B&W park chair, looks like something from the 1920s and grainy film (excellent photo)
    Richard - 2:00 exposure; perfect for this one and the wispy orange, low setting sun. Excellent.
    Robin - RR tracks; so often done but excellently composed here
    Tony C - long exposure night city traffic; L-hand corner a little messy (blown out)
    David S - Seattle Needle and reflection... almost... (personally, the sig a little too much)
    David Wu - excellent; two lazy/clueless & inconsiderate stair sitters, thanks for this!
    James - tree trimmer docu-style, don't fear the cold.
    Louis M - wonderful work you did for that portrait, seems perfectly executed to me; well positioned and framed, you sure know what you're doing.
    Michael E - I thought it was an eerie cave at first; your 'misdirection' worked well on me and made this shot.
    Daniel H - H.S. basketball photography was my bread & butter when I was 16-17 yrs old
    Rafael D - skyscrapers thru a round "thatched" metal-woven roof-top; I truly like this composition and the seemingly deep DOF
    Kayam - moto on old street tinged sienna or some other named tint; well done.
    Thom - nascent buds, fruit, or nuts and thin DOF; straight-on to your subject, hmm...
    Hadi - nicely framed that water fall, 2 sec. exposure seems spot on
    Jeff P - nice study on so old (restored) lock and keys
    Cheers to all! we are at about only 55 actual photos now. Its strange to see regulars in the forum who don't post something here. From la-la-la land, Ken.
  60. Ken, the wall of the EMP building is designed to make everything distorted that is reflected in it...that is what appealed to me to take the should check it out if you ever get up this way.. you can make some fun abstract photos using that building. :)
  61. 7D with 28-135 Kit lens at 135mm. 5.6, Manual 1/25th
  62. Very Wintery here at the moment.
    Canon 60D Tamron 17-270 @ 17mm. ISO 1250 1 second f2.8.
  63. In the first four pages, now I'd like to especially commend:
    Nathan - my dad also was a H.S. basketball coach and I loved attending the seasonal special tourney play-off games
    Jeff - tattoos aplenty with a funny expression and hand gesture there
    Lupo - funny getting so screwed like that? Found object?
    Bueh - toothy jaws!
    Mark K - those birds look so proud and hearty
    Dan F - heron on take-off, well done
    Mike D - guitar, full color this week, moody, fun, evocative
    Arnold P - sunset - wow! But such a (too) small image posted :( (maybe the 2nd best shot here this week?)
    Mark P - campfire fun and great facials there (I like campfire pictures... and parties therein)
    Mike Stemberg -- maybe the BEST photo of the entire lot, wow! Mostly B&W in the snow. many elements there but a photo worth pausing over.
    Ilka - that works well - pier, beach, moody... nearby isle...
    Well done here, well done! If we get 10+ more by tomorrow I'll comment again.
  64. [​IMG]
    South Haven Lighthouse
    (Taken almost a year ago at the South Haven lighthouse peer in South Haven, Michigan over looking Lake Michigan.)
    Camera: Canon EOS 50D
    Lens: Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS
    Exposure: 25 seconds
    Aperture: f/8.0
    Focal Length: 17 mm
    ISO Speed: 800
    Exposure Bias: 0 EV
  65. I don't know that I'm qualified to comment on the photos here, but just wanted to state which ones stood out to me.
    Ervin Bacik, Mike Stemberg, Tony Chamandjian, Louis Meluso and Hadi Khademi
    I was scrolling down and saw Tony's and just thought - S-W-E-E-T! It caught my eye and I like it.
    Louis - I've got to learn how to take portraits like that! It is a beautiful photo!
    Just my thoughts - DS Meador
  66. Ken - thanks for your kind words.
    Hadi - thanks for your comment on my photo from last week.
  67. Thursdays Lunch.
    EOS 40D EF28-135 3.5-5.6 IS
    Manual Exposure in slight overcast. ISO 100, 1/125 sec. at f11
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  68. Another week of great photos Canon shooters. This week I submit another low light band shoot photo using my trusty Canon 40D with 50mm lens ISO 1600 f/1.4 Shutter speed 1/100 sec no flash using a mono pod.
  69. 5D / 50mm f1.8
  70. Looking South East from the Blue Ridge Parkway on 11/28/10. Not too chilly.
  71. A little late, but I only have time to visit this site on Saturdays....
  72. orwell river storm day

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