Canon Thursday Photo 2013: #1

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jdebever, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Nathan, Hope you're ok.
    Just to kickstart the picture of the week.
    Here's one from the exhibit from last week. Is it art, or is it just a rack of umbrallas for the people to use?
  2. and here is another one from the same expo.
  3. and another one
  4. Gaggle of Canada geese landing at sunset by the Rocky Mountains:
    Canon 7D, EF 70-200mm f/4L IS at 70mm, Av mode, ISO 800, +2/3EV, f/7.1 resulting in 1/2000-sec., Raw conversion in DxO Optics Pro 8.1.
  5. Thanks Jan.
    Nathan, hope things are ok.
    From a visit to the glass blowers.
  6. Campbells Covered Bridge.
  7. Deerfield, Illinois.
  8. I've only been photographing family recently, and I'm too lazy today to go back to previous Thursday threads to see if something from my archives has already been posted, so here's an OOF Christmas tree taken recently. Who doesn't have a few dozen of these already? [I keep them stored right next to photos of my cats, flowers, and sunsets... ;) ]
    [​IMG]500D, 85mm f/1.8 @ f/1.8
  9. Hey, Nathan! Wake up, buddy, you're late for work!
    Seriously, hope everything's OK, there.
    Thursday whine: Crappy, cold, rainy weather, no sun. So, here's one from November...
  10. White-breasted nuthatch from a few weeks ago
  11. It's great to be be back for another year of EOS photography. Life is good.
    But, in the Midwest, life is also quite cold. On New Years day, I braved the elements for a walk around the neighborhood with the 5Dmk2 and only the EF 24mm f/2.8 After 45 minutes I hustled back to the house but grabbed these few on the way.
  12. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

  13. I visited the Merced National Wildlife refuge this week. These two White-tailed Kites lit in the tree and stayed long enough to allow me this shot.
  14. Later I saw this cute Killdeer.
  15. Finally a Great Blue Heron was posing alonside the trail.
  16. Here's my first image of 2013.
  17. James F., I like that thought so here's one of my first shots of 2013. The first two on the CF were already deleted!
    Hope Nathan is o.k. too!
  18. I happened to be up during our great blizzard. Went out at four AM and the world was nearly bright as day from the diffusion of the city lights and the white snow.
  19. Happy New Year!
    Great photos all!
    Hope Nathan is well too.
    Wine tasting is exhausting work.
    Sterling Winery, Napa Valley.
  20. Here is the first photo of this year from me; my new phone with a nosy cat nearby.
  21. Canon 7D ISO 400; 70-200 mm f/4L IS at 200 mm; 1/500 sec. @ f/8.0
  22. Ok, uploaded the wrong photo in the previous post, then removed it, and won't let me add the right one in, so then I decided to post a new post with the same photo, and got "objection" from (post with the same title even though it wasn't), then gave up, so decided to post another photo in a new post. Here T'is, I hope.
    Carolina Chickadee in my back yard a week or so ago.
    Canon 1D MIV; ISO 800; 500 mm f/4L IS + EF 1.4x TC II; 1/400 sec. @ f/7.1
  23. kts


    finally got a little snow here in Cleveburg
  24. Great shots all. Stephen S - looks like a cold night ahead, but Laura has the furnace stoked up to keep us warm. Gene S - colorful shot, but why put a roof on a bridge? Jeff S - love your moody B&W seascape. My only photos this year are of family and friends partying - so here is one from a recent trip to Peru. 5D2 / EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 40mm; 1/40s @ f/11.0 ISO 100.
  25. > colorful shot, but why put a roof on a bridge?

    Rick, the roof protects the bridge so the bridge will last longer.
  26. [​IMG]
    Dunes at St. Joseph, Michigan North Pier on a cold winter's day.
  27. I shot this recently and is in my gallery here at as well as my flickr page.
    I was out driving and looking for anything with great light when I found this and shot it within seconds of the light ending when the sun went away behind some clouds ending the magic hour.

    Canon 5DMkIII, Canon 16-35L 2.8 II
  28. Here are some brave souls on New Years day out for a balloon ride. The temperature was about 20 outside. I took this through a window because I wasn't brave enough to face the cold on New Years morning. 7D 70-200 2.8L@ 200mm f/9 1/500
  29. Rick, This bridge was built in 1909 so it has held up well. Most of it is original.
  30. Nice winter shots. Not much this year yet, sitting inside looking for a new camera (Panny GX1). This shot is from the Christmas parade a few weeks back.
  31. I think Nathan must be AWOL. Nice photos, folks.
  32. Here's a visitor we had on New Year's day...
  33. and another...
  34. What a great start to the new year. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and image-filled new year.
  35. Lots of good ones to start the year off. David's geese and Phil's Nuthatch really caught my eye. For me it was a first go with a ringlight and some snail shells we collected this Summer...
    Canon 5D MkII, 100MM macro lens
  36. Dungeness
    EOS-1+17-40, Ilford SFX 200/Kood BW4 red filter, f8.
    The filter was held against the front of the lens to avoid vignetting from the filter holder.
  37. Hello everyone. I'm terribly sorry and I'm okay. Thanks for the concern. Already a bad start to the year. I was in New
    Orleans with my Louisville Cardinals for the Sugar Bowl and after the huge win over Florida it got pretty nuts and I
    completely forgot what day it was. Thanks to Jan for getting us going.
  38. Nathan Gardner [​IMG], Jan 04, 2013; 10:23 a.m.
    Hello everyone. I'm terribly sorry and I'm okay. Thanks for the concern. Already a bad start to the year. I was in New Orleans with my Louisville Cardinals for the Sugar Bowl and after the huge win over Florida it got pretty nuts and I completely forgot what day it was. Thanks to Jan for getting us going.​
    My Huskies got smooshed in the Orange Bowl, but I'm glad to hear your team was victorious! How can you say the year's off to a bad start when ya just beat Florida?
  39. Nathan, good to see you're OK. I'm a bit puzzled how your team beating Florida could be a bad start to the year. Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals on a great game and season, and thanks from all us Florida non-fans. The celebration was fully justifiable.

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