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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA. Sorry I'm late, I've been in the car traveling for
    Thanksgiving and just arrived at our destination. Well, let's get this thing rollin'. No Internet here so I'm iphoning it, therefore no photo
    for me yet.
  2. My friend Clarence deep in the groove playing one of his own finger style compositions in church last week.
  3. Last weekend I attended the OCA Extravaganza - the world's largest cichlid and catfish convention that takes place each year on the weekend before Thanksgiving in Cleveland, OH. The fish in the photo is an Amphilophus hogaboomorum, and won Best of Show in the fish show part of the convention.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Darn Lupo, it's 1:40am now, and you got me hungry!
    20D, 17-85IS, ST-E2, 420ex x2
  4. Spearhead

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    Pier 39, tourist site in San Francisco
  5. While in Taiwan last month I was visiting the southern end of the island, specifically Kenting National Park, near the Eluan Pi Lighthouse. I was walking from the parking lot to the lighthouse when I noticed a crowd of people and a throng of photographers, both still and video. I found out later it was a press event for one of the Presidential candidates for the election in January of next year. Tsai Ing-wen is the woman in the white shirt on the upper left. She was joined by her Vice Presidential mate in the white shirt next to her. According to recent poles, she is ahead of the incumbent by 4%.

  6. Just playing with textures
  7. Clouded lake
  8. Mandarin shot in the aviary at our state zoo. There are two of these birds there but they often tend to be a little reclusive. They are masters at finding spots to rest where it is impossible to get a nice view of them. It is rare to see one posing in the open like this. I kept moving around to try to find the right spot, hoping that it would not fly off into hiding again. I finally settled for this view. My "mission" that day was photographing a new bird species recently aquired by the zoo, but who could resist this beautiful duck?
  9. it


  10. I took this shot on the River Thames on Sunday evening; there was a magical quality to the light and this boat silently gliding along the water was spectacular. I sent it to the Telegraph newspaper and they published it the next day.
    I've also put it up on PN too.
    EOS 5D+ 24-105, iso-400, 1/40, f4, -1 ev
  11. Wow, Ian.... One of the best portraits i have seen recently ...
  12. Dessert time, i´ve been experimenting with pudding.
    Chocolate with cherry, vanilla with apple and orange, coockie crums and cherry saus.
    5dII, 50 macro, led lights and bounce flash.
  13. Thanksgiving Greetings. I'd like to be on Peter's boat eating Lupo's sandwich and finish with that pudding. My offering is of our Thanksgiving breakfast, homemade sticky buns. They're heading off to proof prior to baking. Happy Turkey Day to all.
  14. It's getting cold here in Wisconsin (no snow cover yet!), so I thought I take a look at last warm day of this year. It was the Pumpkin Fest day in Egg Harbor, Door Peninsula (October 7, 2011). Door County has the most miles of lake shoreline in any county in US; a beautiful place with always a cheerful mood. I found these beach chairs next to the harbor and gave it a shot.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
  15. One way to express thanks-giving
  16. Hope everyone is having a good day with their family or special friends. Ian, your pic really caught my eye! Here's a shot from my summer harvest of 400+ garlic I grew this year ( a little overboard).
  17. kts


    that's a cool looking cichlid Frank, nice shot of it....if i knew this show was here i would have checked it out...linked, so maybe next year
    i'm still going thru my costa rica shots and this is one of an iguana shot along the banks of the bebedero river near palo verde n.p.
  18. jpk


    Taken yesterday in Warsaw.
  19. Canon 1V 17-35mm L
  20. Canon 1V 17-35mm L
  21. Canon 1V 17-35mm L
  22. Absolutely outstanding portrait, Ian.
    I do a lot of informal portaiture of my children, and am a great admirer of the "genre." And I must say that you have created some of the finest portraits of children that I have ever seen.
  23. A wayward balloon stuck on weeds growing in a sidewalk next to a leaning utility pole.
    350D, 50mm f/1.8 @ f/2.2
  24. My grand niece and her cousin. 5D MK2 Vivitar 100-300 ISO 400 1/200 f/5
  25. Ian - that is phenomenal - what body was that taken on?
    John - great message
  26. Some of them are great photo.
  27. Red barn
  28. Barn on POW Camp Road, converted to BW with Topaz BW Effects.
    Happy Turkey Day, everyone!
  29. it


    Thanks for the nice comments on that portrait. Taken on with a 5DMK2. The light the breeze and the kid all coincided for about 10 seconds.
  30. This is from my first studio shoot!
  31. Martin S - wow! I'd like to see that as a 5 foot canvas print on my wall.
    I find that what I've been submitting has been too bright when viewed on other pcs. I'd brighten my monitor but I find I'm locked out and can't find the book.
    But I hope is the correct compensation.
  32. Hi this is the harvest of the tequila plants (agave)
  33. Thursday isn't over yet, but I have to say I think this is the best Canon Thursday yet!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  34. Nothing special. Hummingbird nest in Dogwood tree.
  35. Happy Thanksgiving.
  36. Woman's dog...taken today.
  37. Need to add feed!
  38. I thought it would be cool to get a picture of a dancer, so I went to a local dance studio and told the instructor about my project. Since there were only children around I asked if there was an adult class and she told me that the adult classes are on Wednesday night. Then I pointed to Calvin and asked "what about him". She said you can ask him. I introduced myself and from the onset Calvin was interested in the project. He thought it was very cool and was always willing to help other artists in their endeavors. He told me that he was very busy and asked how I wanted to go about it. I said could we do it right now it should take no more than 5 minutes, he said ok so I grabbed my gear and he showed me a studio area. The wall seemed very plain and uninteresting so I asked if there was a plant or something I could use to shoot my flash through. He found a plant and I placed it in front of my flash - now I had given texture to the wall kind of like an aquarium effect. Then he stood there and said, "You'll have to do the countdown" , I adjusted for the ambient light and set my flash manually and said "ok...3..2..1.." took several shots, then chimped my camera .."hmmm..I had no idea you could jump so high" I readjusted, now that I knew where he would be in the frame and we repeated the process. I had him do it a total of 3 times and I was happy with the last shot. The trick was aiming the flash at the point of where he was going to be at the peak of his jump. Afterwards I told him ...I better take a traditional portrait as well and he was fine with that.
    Calvin Chester told me he had been dancing for 6 years - pretty much since he was in high school. He is attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock - studying fine arts. I asked what he thought of other artists in the field and he said they are "flippant". They are very emotional and devoted to their field. I asked him what he did for fun and he said he loves to eat, I asked what he ate? "sushi" I suggested and he laughed and said "I eat real food" - he was headed to a steakhouse that very evening with some of his friends. It was a joy to meet Calvin and I wish him luck with his career. He is going to be doing some excerpts of the Nutcracker in Conway and was there for a fitting of wardrobe.
    This picture is #033 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page
  39. Great photos again from everyone.
    I don't have a photo from this week, so here is one from last week;
  40. Juan, that's a great story and fantastic photo! That's a pretty great idea to use the plant to add some texture to the lighting...
    Here's a shot of a sunset over my apartment complex a couple days ago:
  41. Mark,
    Absolutely love the Mandarin.
    Very well done also.
    I'm home now so I'll share my photo for this week. I saw two owls in one day last week. Definitely a very lucky day. Here's the Eastern Screech Owl. The other was a Barred Owl.
  42. Hi, All,
    I am a complete noob to this nice thread, so please forgive me if I've got it all wrong... here's a pic shot this morning in Warsaw with my Canon EOS 50E analog camera and a 50 mm / 1.8 EF II lens. Subject: 1830 infantry / cavalrymen parade
  43. I made a first brief visit to the Baltimore Conservatory on Wednesday. I plan to go back when I can spend more time. This is one of the orchids.
    Xsi, 18-55 is @ 36mm, f/8, 1/30s, iso 400
  44. "Lombard St from Coit Tower" -- NICE one there Jim S.!
    Very late to this game... Here's a photo I took the week before Nov. 24... FWIW -- parts of it I like and a few distracting elements, but still fun:
    "Rocket Line"

    EOS 7D with early morning light on the Embarcadero.

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