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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! Although I haven't been as active in these threads lately, (school is a bear this semester and I don't even have time to sleep) I have been looking at the photos each week and I must say they are amazing. Great job from all the regulars and the new faces, let's keep it up.
    I had a few free minutes last week so I went to a state park not too far from here to see if any wildlife was active and to check out a new portion of the park that has just re-opened... after several decades. Being a wildlife lover it was hard for me not to post a photo I made of a curious fawn, but I found something else. Back in the 1930's a booming theme park known as Rose Island sat between the Ohio River and Fourteen Mile Creek in Charlestown, Indiana, just upstream from Louisville, KY. Until a few weeks ago when an old bridge was renovated to allow foot traffic back to the island, the only way to get there was by some major bushwacking. Some of the evidence of the old park is still on the island including this swimming pool. I had known it was there from research and Google Earth, but was dying to see it. Needless to say, it's quite a site. It's odd to stroll through the woods and see an abandoned swimming pool seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Definitely a cool thing to see.
  2. I never get in this early but here is the back of a Chinook cloud over Canmore Alberta last Friday afternoon - it really did look like this - no manipulation
  3. By the lake
  4. Here is a shot from Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona, AZ. I got lucky to find this little spot just as the sunlight was breaking through the trees to highlight the vegetation as so. Reminded me of a "Sword in the Stone" scene.
  5. That's an eerie image Nathan, nature will reclaim everything given enough time. Gorgeous cloud shot Philip. This one is from the weekend races. The young man on the left is Anthony Sesely, the 2011 points series champion for the modified class.
  6. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, about f2 at 1/13, ISO 1600
  7. Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1600)
    Aperture f/2.8
    Focal Length 150 mm
    ISO Speed 500
    Exposure Bias +2/3 EV
    Lens Model EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
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  9. After three weeks on the trail, this cowboy rolls up his bedroll for the last time. He has just finished driving 400 head of Texas longhorns over 200 miles. From the town of Caldwell, KS, along the old Cox Cattle Trail to the Kansas Pacific Railhead at Ellsworth. He and a handful of modern cowboys, along with their support wagons and cooks, followed the same route used by original drovers, they bedded down the cattle on historic bed grounds and camped at the very same cow camps that made the Cowboy famous.
  10. Jeff, -is that daylight I see?
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    is that daylight I see?​
    Haha, it was dusk. The model is lit primarily by flash.
  12. 450D and S-M-C Takumar 55 mm, f/1.8, 1/1000 sec
  13. Studio Shot, Canon 7D, 50mm 1.4 @ F8, 1/125s
  14. Pandani (Richea pandanifolia) Cradle Mt National Park last Saturday.
  15. I spent the day at Bosham yesterday.

    I got there for the sunrise, saw the spring tide at noon and then the sunset. Bosham is a small and very pretty village now, but is of huge historical significance. The church is shown in the Bayeux Tapestry and it was at Bosham where King Canute tried unsuccessfully to turn back the tide.
    I'm going to be cheeky and show morning, noon and night.
    First Light
    High tide at noon
  16. looks like i'm the first this week of the food department..
    This is a starter i had at an Italien restaurant in NYC when i visited in 2004. Have been trying to recreate it since. I think i have got it. All i have to do now is go back to New York and check
    (but i'll wait till they start treating visitors as visitors again at customs)
    5d2, 50 2.5 macro. Here the sausage is with mashed potato, but also nice with bread.
  17. Folks, I have to apologize that I've not been able to add some comments lately. Too busy with other matters. Hoping things will slow down for me just a bit so I can catch my breath.
    Nathan, I'm sure that must have been a surreal site. Thanks for the details behind the photo. Nice! I haven't been able to shoot anything this past week, so here's one from a few weeks back.
  18. Rain, fungi, rain, fungi, rain........
  19. Morning dew on a rose in our front yard. Lit from the side to emphasize the water droplets.
    5D2, 100L macro, 270 ex II
  20. Anhinga
  21. [​IMG]
    Canon 450d with 70-200 f4
  22. Another cloud, this one shot from a beach on Arran, a Scottish isle, as a beach party came to a rapid end (1Ds Mark III, 70-200mm L II).
  23. This one is old, been busy working 60 hours a week. EOS 1n, 50mm/1.8, Fuji Neopan 400. Developed and scanned at NCPS. Does this seem to grainy for 400 speed film? I was just wondering if this is the norm. [​IMG]
  24. [​IMG]
    Camera: Canon EOS 50D
    Lens: Canon EF85mm f/1.8 USM
    Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
    Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Aperture: f/1.8
    Focal Length: 85 mm
    ISO Speed: 100
    Exposure Bias: +1/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  25. This is the lobby at the Palladium in Carmel IN. Looks similar to an Escher drawing. Dean lovely portrait. Jason there were several after depression (abandoned) swimming pools in central Indiana when I was growing up. Is your picture also one of the job creators built then?
  26. Double Hmmm...
  27. My friend doing his best Johhny Cash
    30D and 20-35L
  28. Gothic Raygun Rocketship
    This piece of art has been installed next to Pier 14 on the SF Embarcadero for 13 mos. now and was just renewed for another year. Yeah! It's a superb work and fascinates me.
    This is yesterday morning, just after sunrise; 7D, 16-35, ISO 400, f/3.5
  29. Happy Thursday Everyone,

    This is my daughters first Pumpkin Patch.

    I had my 580ExII triggered by a FlexTT5 with a Rogue Flash Bender in my left hand as I took the shot with my right with the 7D with the MinTT1 in ETTL mode, then with the AC3 controller I was able to control the FEC.
    I've been trying to use more strobes in my photography and was pleased with this shot.
  30. kts


    nice one Ken....
    fall colors are starting to show up in a few places in the metroparks....this is at a pond where i've been getting some decent green and blue heron shots....another week or two and they'll be heading south
  31. Excited, young German short-haired pointer hunts
    Canon 7D, EF 500mm f/4L IS, Av Mode, ISO 800, f/6.3, +2/3EV resulting in 1/1250th sec. hand held.
  32. Sunrise at the beach.
  33. Went to several high school sporting events. Shot nothing spectacular like the other shots this week. Here is one from last weekends varsity football. #33 is beating the last defender on a kickoff return for a touchdown.
  34. Take The Lead
    Canon 40D, EF 100-400 F/6.3 ISO 200 1/500 sec, hand held
  35. Not as big as Randall's machine but this is where all the drivers seem to start out. From this past weekend, my son Eric finally got to take part in a karting experience day which he has been begging for since my nephew started in the sport. He found out that these little suckers move quite well and he had a great time (except for a hairpin turn which had his number all day!)
    Fantastic shooting this week. Spencer C - that jaguar photo is outstanding, great colour.
  36. One of my favorite photos from last week's Blue Bear School of Music showcases at Cafe du Nord, San Francisco. Produced 580 finished photos in all from the three night run. Nineteen acts, including two that I performed in myself (on vocals, keyboard, and electric bass). Whew!
    Canon 5D Mk II, 85mm f/1.8, 1/125s, ISO 1600.
  37. Went up to see the St. Louis Art Museum, not withstanding the coming Monet exhibit, everything is torn up in a massive expansion and much has been taken off display.
  38. Every week there are some really nice pics on this thread. Keep up the good work!
    We've had lousy weather the past week, so I have not had the chance to get out and shoot. This one is from the archives. It's an Indian Pipe, which was growing wild in the woods behind my house. I paid a hefty price to get this photo. These plants are small and seldom getting over 10" in height. I had to lay on my stomach, and it just happened to be in a nest of chiggers. I had bites all over my abdomen, back, and legs. I was miserable for a couple of weeks. Now if I have to lay down to take the picture, I carry some sort of ground cloth to come between me and the critters.
  39. The Johnny Cash look-alike shot higher in this thread reminds me of one difference between digital and film. Who would expose a piece of film on a shot like this?
  40. This flower is in a planter out by my mailbox. I used cheap radio triggers so I could hand hold a 540EZ flash in my left hand. I moved the flash position around until I got something I liked. I don't remember the flash setting but it was probably 1/16 power.
    Rebel xsi, 18-55 is kit lens @ 53mm, f/9, 1/80s, iso 200
  41. "The Johnny Cash look-alike shot higher in this thread reminds me of one difference between digital and film. Who would expose a piece of film on a shot like this?"
    It doesn't matter what you use to post process the film or digital image. The end result should be what you wanted the final image to look like. This happens to be what I wanted and I bet I could have gotten the same results with some tri-x and my old Nikon FE using the enlarger downstairs. It just would have taken a whole lot more time and effort.
  42. Canon 5D Mk2 ISO 400 1/160 f/5.6 Olympus OM 28mm 2.8
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    The Johnny Cash look-alike shot higher in this thread reminds me of one difference between digital and film. Who would expose a piece of film on a shot like this?​
    People who took pictures of Johnny Cash, here, for example. I can't fathom why looking at that photo would make one think about materials science rather than photography.
  44. Some nice atmospheric- and water images, I especially like Thom’s reflection.
    Mine shows an iceberg adrift in the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.
  45. Really persuasive! Canon 1D MkIII 1/500 @f 6.3 ISO 400 17-40L
  46. [​IMG]
    7D, 200/2.8 plus Sigma 1.4x EX APO
    If you know which kind of bird this is, please let me know.
  47. All the grasses going to seed now. Canon 7D, EF 70-200 f/4 L IS, iso400
  48. Shot Tuesday in the Great Smoky Mountains. The mill is still operating, and you can buy wheat and corn flour at touristy prices.
    EOS 5D2, ISO 800, f/8 @1/125, EF 28-105 @ 28mm
  49. Never commented before, but will try and speak to a few of the shots.
    Nathan, You missed the NO SWIMMING sign; Phillip, fantastic clouds; Spencer, Beautiful animal and superior lighting. Don, Nostalgic, but no meniton of the rustlers and Indians they avoided. Andre, Lovely lady and super shot; David K, Excellent B & W presentation, and what happened next? Randy C, Interesting. It looks like a ship board shot; Juan H, lovely child and all of those pumpkins. Outstanding colors; James G, Nice job and Oh to be a kid again: Lee D, after looking at your shot, I started scratching . Good photo and a most interesting plant; William K, Cades Cove was about the same 50 years ago when I visited it from Gatlingburg. Super mill shot. It really does look old.
    And last but not the least I think this is a winner for sure, Martin S, if you hadn't told us what it was, we would still be guessing. Most unusal and you might call it Surf for the Eskimos. aaagh
    Having said all of the above, here is my shot taken last month in Linz on the Danube, Austria Night cruise. Canon 7D f2.8 1/8 sec ISO 5000 with tripod and Canon 17-55mm 2.8 IS USM lens.
  50. My contribution;
  51. Fourtown Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota on September 4, 2011. Three exposure handheld bracket blended in Enfuse in Lightroom.
  52. I almost forgot it was Thursday. As usual a lot of great work here again this week. I had considered another Great Blue Heron, but thought that today I would show a shot I did just this afternoon. This is a ShadeTree Canopies Shade System at a local restaurant just up the road from our home office. Shot with my 50D and Canon EF 20mm f2.8 lens.
  53. I was in a wedding party last weekend. After I got home, I decided to play around with taking shots of the boutonniere on my suit jacket with my 60 mm macro.
  54. How do you know you're old?
  55. Some great photos everyone! Louis - I really like the simplicity of your shot!
    This is a photo taken of the Williamette River in Oregon. I took a walk with my camera and sat down on the rocks for a half hour and relaxed and took some shots. I like this photo because it reflects the serenity of the moment.
    Canon 40D with 17-85mm f/4-5.6 and Hoya circular polarizer.
  56. While out this past weekend.
  57. Arie,
    Where did you shoot the hawk? Just from comparing it to my guide it looks like it could be a Cooper's Hawk.
  58. Whoops, meant to post the details of my shot:
    ISO 100, 17mm, f/16, .3s exposure, handheld
  59. Arie Vandervelden--not 100% sure on this, but my wife thinks your bird is probably a juvenile Sharp-Shinned Hawk.
  60. Hi Nathan and Lee, I shot this hawk in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.
  61. A bit late, but as they say better late than never.
  62. Taken during a local Airshow
  63. Pano of 3 shots from the Yellowstone pass near red Lodge. Could have spent the whole day here just looking.
    Canon 40D, Canon 18-55mm f7.1 @18mm
  64. <img src="" width="640" height="427" alt="(untitled)">
    350D, Sigma 28-200
  65. Nathan and Arie--we thought perhaps a Cooper's Hawk also, but the wife leaned toward's the Sharp-Shinned. She was using the guide also. But we're not experts.
  66. Robert - Would that be the player's father or the ref's father that you coached? Haha! Excellent shot.
  67. The range matches both Coopers and Sharp Shinned hawks. The thing that led me away from the SS was that all
    the photos I saw show them with yellow eyes, Arie's has red, but that may be something that comes with age. I'll look
    more into it. Maybe post the photo in the nature forum with an ID request.
  68. Nathan, Eye color does change with maturity-I believe they are yellow as sub adults and red when mature. Legs appear rather thick for a sharpie, and the bird appears a little too large as well as I think Sharp shins are only a little larger than a Blue Jay. Isn't the Cooper's the slightly larger of the two? (can't locate my guide atm).
  69. Shot this today at the local farm. Canon 40D Canon 28-135 f3.5-5.6 EF IS USM
  70. Strange. Never had the link not work. Attempt #2 [​IMG]
    350D, Sigma 28-200
  71. James, I just knew someone was going to ask that question.

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