Canon Thursday October 1, 2020

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  1. Canon 50D; Sigma 24-70mm f2.8-4
  2. Canonet QL17
    (admittedly not EOS, but very much Canon)
  3. _62A1621.jpg _62A1625.jpg _62A1630.jpg 5D lll with 35 f/1.4
    His 'n hers plus a few photos walking around a car dealership waiting for my car.
  4. E7913A04-0AAF-43B9-8545-E3052AE11F54.jpeg Canon 5D; 300mm f4; 3 frame stitched panorama:
  5. IMG_2657_Siererwt k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  6. IMG_2660_Geel bloemmetje k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  7. IMG_2662_Wit bloemmetje k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  8. We made it out onto some open roads, driving from Vancouver to northern Alberta and back through the Rocky Mountains. This is what we've been missing, and it was one of the sweetest things to be able to do. Properly socially distanced & masked of course, but out in this space that virus is going to have some difficulty finding you.
    2020 Alberta - Banff - Bow Valley IMG_6382s.jpg 2020 Alberta - Hwy 11 Rocky Mtn House to Banff IMG_6142s.jpg
  9. Oops, I forgot to mention that all were taken with Canon 7D MkII.
  10. Sunset at Craig House, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, New Jersey.

    20200930 5DM37875 Sunset at Craig House MWS C V1.jpg
  11. Andy, all three photos are very good regardless of the great gear used.
  12. Thank you, Mickey!
  13. Slowly feeling a bit better. It takes longer every time.
    No real fall color here yet, just a revival of the dahlias after all the rain we had in the last weeks. They needed some water, it's been a dry summer.
    all 5d4, 100 macro 2.8 Lis.
  14. That's my best Canon lens, jdebever!
  15. Hi folks, hope everyone is doing well. I've been busy doing other stuff and neglecting my photography, I know, but upgrading video cameras and electronics on the RV and getting ready for the next journey needed to be done. I snapped this one today for fun. Ran it through lightroom dropping some saturation and pushing some sepia. I found this old compass while looking for some electronics parts in my garage. Canon 5D MK IV with the handy dandy 40mm pancake. Cheers. Compass and Map-.jpg

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