Canon Thursday March 4, 2021

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  1. Looks like Canon Thursday needs kick started again so here goes. You all know the drill. Post several Canon EOS and/or Canon Mirrorless images.

    5D MK IV - shot with a 70-200mm F/2.8 Lens at 82mm focal length, f/13, ISO 100, 1/100th sec.
    This is a wide shot, seascape panerama of Topanga Beach off the Pacific Coast Highway in California shot a couple days ago. We don't need to buy a new higher res camera to get some great wide angle detailed shots. Warm day wearing shorts and a Tee-shirt. Put on some sun screen and soak up the sun. Hope everyone is looking forward to Spring and nicer weather across the country.

  2. Sharm el-Sheik شرم الشيخ
    Canon EOS 20D, 17-85mm
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  4. Thanks for getting this started, Mark. It seems to be a slow time for Canon shooters. I'm posting an oldie today. I have to get in gear again!
    My brother's Canon 100mm macro lens. I liked it so much I bought the IS version a few years back. _MG_0042.jpg
  5. Canon 1DX, 24-70 f2.8
  6. Thanks! Like you, I have posted an oldie. Can't wait for the lockdown and a couple of health issues to resolve so that i can get back out and snap some more good stuff.
  7. Spring is almost here which means there'll be lots of flowers to shoot but until they're here, I'll have to settle for what's inside. Canon R6, EF-S 60mm Macro 026Aa.jpg
  8. Empty gravity wagons waiting for next year's harvest. Canon R6, RF 24-240mm 047aa.jpg
  9. canon T3 18-55mm kit lens IMG_1196.JPG
  10. Canon 15 mm f2.8 (fisheye ): Canon 6D
    This is my first fisheye lens and will probably be the last Canon lens I will ever buy, to round out my collection of course.
    I really need to learn how to use this lens(as you can see...) . On a full frame camera you, have to get really close to your subject(s) to see any dramatic effects. You also need to pre-visualize.

  11. It really helps to keep the camera level and plumb for that lens. I think my lens collection is rounded out but I'm always thinking about something! F8M90427.jpg
  12. IMG_3064Cmpr.JPG

    This is obviously seriously nuts! The small and light M camera can be almost completely hidden by the lens cap of the monstrous Sigma 105/1.4 Art lens. Clearly this is not a combo to take for a casual stroll in the park. But if you have it, why not try it? The eagle eyed among you may spot the Metabones Speedbooster between the camera and lens. Again, why not try it? The resulting combination is a 74 mm f/1.0! Call it a NoctiArt or a NoctiSig.

    What I wanted to see was how shallow DOF I could achieve with a small sensor camera. I enlisted my always available, yet mostly non cooperative, model, and grabbed some shots before he could protest. This was shot quite near the 1 meter minimum focusing distance of the lens, so that will of course contribute to limiting the DOF. And I like the result.


    The portrait was shot at f/1.4, 1/125 sec. @ ISO 200, available kitchen light. Obviously this is not a serious test, more of a "Hey, this could be fun to try!" kind of thing. One day I will use my EF 85 mm f/1.4 and the Metabones, which will work out to 60 mm, again at f/1.0. The best comparison will probably be the Sigma 56 mm f/1.4 shot wide open. I will probably shoot something really exciting like a text rich page of The Times. One day.....
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