Canon FD Photos of the Month: September 2020

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  1. Hello September Canon FD (and FL and Canonflex) shooters !! Hoping everyone is okay! Please show us your work !!!
  2. Canon FD 15mm 2.8 + Metabones Speed Booster + Fujifilm X-E2. Shot from my balcony.

  3. Canon F1 w/ 50mm 1.8 fd ( borrowed from a freind ) shot the night the lights went out during an ice storm.somewhere around 1971 - 1972
    second pic is the day after . same camera setup canon F1 slides scans 9000f _0002.jpg canon F1 slides scans 9000f _0001.jpg
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  4. I took this a few days back. An artist friend asked me to drop by and take some pics of her and her horses. Canon FP with FL 28/3.5 on Ferrania P-30 film.

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  5. 002CFD Playa Muralla-Tossa de Mar CFD28.jpg

    008CFD Rocas Costa-Tossa de Mar CFD28.jpg
    Canon F-1n. Canon FDn 28. Agfapan 400. D-76 (1:1) 14' at 20ºC ​
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  7. Fantastic !!! We are off to a great start!
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  9. A few more from my recent horse shoot. Canon FP, FL 28/3.5 and FL 50/1.4. Ferrania P-30 in Rodinal.



  10. 1929 Duesenberg J-140 from the Clive Cussler collection. Engine is a 32 valve straight eight producing 265hp from 420 cubic inches. Top speed 116mph. Taken with an A-1 FD50/1.4, on Tri-X. D-76 and Dektol.

    1929 Duesenberg J-140.jpg
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  11. Nice. So you combined D-76 and Dektol together?
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  12. I develop my negatives with D-76. My prints are developed with Dektol. Old habits die hard. N'est ce pas?
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  13. OK. I've heard of people combining Dektol with a film developer and thought you had. Nice Duisenberg BTW.
  14. Fort Reno, Oklahoma. Separate cemetery for the German POW camp prisoners. It was nice to see they didn't need to fill it up.
    Canon EF - FDn 50/1.4 - Fujicolor 400.

    Ft. Reno POW cemetery.JPG

    Ft. Reno headstone.JPG
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  15. Born before the end of one terrible war, killed in the next one at 26. What a waste.
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  16. I developed this yesterday. Camera: Canon A-1 50mm/1.4 with a yellow filter on 100TMAX developed with D-76. C'est moi with my Suzuki TU250X.

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