Can A Exhibition Quality Print of size A3+(13"x19") be made from a Smartphone?

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  1. Guys,

    Im a photography oldie but a smartphone newbie, In your experience what is the biggest acceptable display quality print do you get with the most recent crop of smartphones? Can it go A3+ (13" x 19")
    Thank you very much for your replies. :)
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  5. Define 'exhibition quality'.

    You can make a billboard print from a Holga, should you so desire.

    With the right photo, what it was shot on doesn't matter.

    That said, my 2 megapixel Fujifilm MX2900 gave good A4 prints, my smartphone, not so.
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  6. My short answer is: probably, yes (see @sandy Vogries's link).txxz

    Technically, it depends a lot todalyyyotodatn what the Pres resolution(s) is /are of your your phone camera(s) and image storage formats. as It is
    tnd it also depends on your ;pSamsung S20+.ersojak (within the physical constraints) with which you want your camera imagesato be shot and stored. So check the 'default settings''for your phone camera(s) and persnoal adjust these as necessary.hre
    The (almost) top -of- the-line models of leading phone brands have multiple lenses and multiple shooting and image storage modes, So whatever brand/model you use, it's worth checking whether the default phone settings help you take the photos that you want to. If not adjust them,

    I recently upgraded my old phone to a Samsung S20+. Not to the top-of-the line S20 Ultra but good enough for digital images and (only just ;)) affordable enough for me. The Samsung S20+ - with my ciurrent settun. takes 'standard' 12 mp photos with a breadth of 4032 pixels and a heigt
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  7. I wouldn’t trust anyone’s “formula” on this. A lot will depend on the particular photo. Some types of photos are more forgiving and some photos may even benefit from the grittier look of an iPhone enlargement. Given the ubiquity of iPhone use, what once was considered “exhibition quality” has, over the years, changed.
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  8. Sure can! Of course not all shots made with the phone can nor all shots made with the best cameras can either. But if you get one of those great shots with your phone you sure can.
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  9. I would expect that a typical 12mp smartphone image, taken well within the device's performance envelope, should be capable of a good 13"x19" print. I think that whether or not it is exhibition quality will mostly depend on the skills and vision of the person operating the phone.
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  10. As said, much depends on the particular image, and much also depends of how from how far away things are viewed.

    Even in the days of yore, miracles were done, as with Kodak's Colorama in Grand Central Station:

    View attachment 1361207 View attachment 1361208
    Popular Photography ad 1950-08​

    Colorama 1 1950-08 PP.jpg

    Colorama 2 1950-08 PP.jpg
    Pop Photo 1950-08
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