Camera Control Pro 2 Update....DON'T DO IT!!...READ ON!!!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mike_halliwell, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Thanks to CPM for this heads up.
    If you tether with any of the following cameras using CCP2... D2X, D2XS, D2H, D2Hs, D200, D100, D80, D70, D70S, D50, D40X and D40.....Do Not Update.

    'No Longer Supported' means on connection it says 'Camera Not Recognised' and that's it. Period.
    Why?, there appear to be no 'great' new features that won't work on a 5 year old camera? Infact there are loads of notes that outline loads of bugs with various features of 'newer' cameras. These are NOT BUG FIXES, just notes of bad programming.
    The software is so clunky, that I wouldn't be surprised if you CAN'T go back in Version sequence.
    I, for one, have many Nikon DSLR's, 3 on the DEAD list, 3 on the ALIVE list. Can I run 2 copies of this software as different versions? It's an UPDATE, so I don't think so.
    And this is for software that costs over £120?
    I love their Cameras and Lenses, but this sort of nonsense is getting pretty bad. Nikon Service? A bad joke.
  2. UPDATE. Just had a reply from NikonUK...
    "Unfortunately it's not possible to run two versions of Camera Control Pro 2.11.0 and 2.12.0 software. In this case I can advise you to use version which supports the D50 and D700 camera which is 2.11.0: "

    "Unfortunately Nikon didn't give any reasons of their decision. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. I will forward your opinion and feedback to relevant department".

    Well, I suppose I'm not surprised! All very UNFORTUNATE!
    Just in case you thought you could install v.2.11 for your D40x on one laptop and v.2.12 for your D800 on another...YOU CAN'T.
    License is for one machine only. The Nikon text is...
    "... you may use the SOFTWARE on a single computer ..."

    ...........and if I install it on 2 machines, I'm breaking the AGREEMENT and shall be sent to the nearest Prison Planet and my Bank Accounts emptied.
  4. Oh, and before you all cry, just stick with v.2.11? What happens when I buy a D600 next month when the price stabilizes?
  5. You don't really have to go to the nearest Prison Planet, just empty your bank account by purchasing another copy. Leave one for the older cameras, and keep one updated for the newer.
  6. I could get a nice little secondhand AIS lens for Nikon's 'unfortunate' decision.
    How about Nikon allow 2 machines to run on one purchase specifically for this anomaly?
  7. Epic fail, Nikon. This is already an overpriced niche product they only spun off from Capture to make a bit more cash (does Canon still provide camera control software free in the box?). Breaking compatibility with cameras that are still in common use is silly and irresponsible. There are third party alternatives, but some depend on Nikon's SDK which Thom suggests has likely dropped support as well:
    Let's hope they don't play the same trick with NEF support for older models in VNX/CNX...
  8. Let's hope Richard!
    The SDK is just typical Nikon protectionist spares for independents, ID-required chipped batteries, software....What's next?
  9. MIke
    Check this software out. Works well for what I use it for
  10. MM It feels a bit like Nikon tries to get rid of loyal customers/ brand supporters to me..
    Maybe its about time i start selling my Nikon glass before nobody wants it anymore ?
    Michael, i tried that software, but it seems to stop working after a few shots with my D300 / D300s so for me that software is not "mature"enough yet...
  11. Thats odd CPM I have been using it with my D300 D300s and not had that problem. I have not tried it with the D4 yet.
    Also have you tried the newest version?
  12. CMNikon v4 has been out for a month or so with D800 support. I'm hoping it will work the D3200 soon as Nikon can't be bothered to support it.
  13. Thw lack of support for older models will render them obsolete and good for paperweights. Better unload those "useless"
    cameras before they're as useless as a 286 processor computer!
  14. If you have a Mac you can use the built in Image Capture application to tether. I used it with a D70s and now D300s.
  15. Doesn't Lightroom let you do this?
  16. Sadly, we have fallen in the digital photography trap. Now, zombiefied by digital technology, we follow the orders of master puppeteer. It's ok. If you do as they say, there will be happiness.
  17. UPDATE III.. Just had an new message from Nikon UK, and realising they had sent me the Firmware Software restrictions, have now sent the Software Agreement set, and to cut a long story short, I can....
    "....Use the full version of the SOFTWARE on up to two (2) of your own computers upon valid purchase of a product key.........."
    Just have to label my laptop and netbook now. :)
  18. Thats odd CPM I have been using it with my D300 D300s and not had that problem​

    I tried this on 2 diffwerent PC's with the free version that you can use for 2 weeks.
    Same results on both PC's...

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