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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by cyhau, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody, I am new to that site, I recently became a member, but I like the acuracy and the professional attitude of everyone regardless of status, pro, or amateur. I am looking for a medium format camera, I want to get back to the old days when photography was really a mastered craft rather than someone's proficiency in Photoshop. I was looking at the Hasselblad 500 C camera, and I found a nice outfit for $900 that comes with: Hasselblad Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 chrome lens Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon 50mm F4 chrome lens Two A12 Film Backs Hasselblad Prism Finder A detachable focusing ring with lever Do you think it is a good price, is it worthed to buy that particular model? I don't have a very big budget, I am just looking for a quality camera, I was also looking at the Mamiya RZ pro II. Also, are there any digital backs that will work with that camera? Any suggestions. Thank you very much.
  2. Price it out at
  3. Matanle recommends that model in his Classic SLRs. Matanle's one caveat about this model is to make sure of the condition as most of them were used by professionals and may me worn. Check the price with the reputable camera dealers that are listed on this site.
  4. I think that is too expensive for a c kit.
  5. check these links:
  6. There are 3 links above.

    C model is quite old - might be 50 years old. I'm not saying it's unusable, but it's better to get at least 500cm model.

    Try to get lenses with T* coating - antireflex. Best would be the CF model or higher.

  7. The two backs in the picture a 12 backs not a 12 backs...meaning they are not automatic.You load film and look through the window and reset it for the first frame. They are not worth anywhere near the money of a a12 back.You need a CM not a C. Nice system but know what you are getting...years ago that was a bargan not its a little high.Looks in good shape, grat equipment and will do a great job...but high in todays market.
  8. Many thanks to all that responded so fast.
    This is what I get from for about $1100



  9. I agree, it's a little expensive for a 500C (not even c/m), and chrome, not black, lenses--probably only about a $150-$250 premium though. The lenses don't show a red T* on them (based on the image), and that's a little concern. The A12 backs are fairly old (one quite a bit older than the other). On the other hand, if you knew who owned them, how they managed their maintenance, how much use they had, etc., that makes up a lot for price over buying sight-unseen from an auction site or retailer.
  10. Well I was intentionally going for the chrome model because I kind of like the look of it.
    Are the black ones any better? What is the difference?
  11. First, assuming they are both 12 exposure backs, one of the backs pictured is an A12 - the one with the crank on the side - and the other is the older style. Both will work fine, the A12 a bit easier and will cost more (all things being equal). Make sure the serial numbers on the inserts (inside the film backs) match the serial number on the backs themselves.

    Hasselblad values are more in the lens than the body. And the difference between an older C lens (as pictured) and the same lens as a newer T* model can be significant. Many Hasselblads (as well as other models) saw heavy use in wedding and other professional venues - though you can usually tell by the exterior condition.

    That said, I'd say $900 is a fair price, though not a great price, if it's in really good shape, the film inserts match the back, the lenses show minimal scratches and dust (and no fungus), and the shutter speeds on both lenses are accurate. I'm assuming you can actually inspect the equipment and that, to me, is worth a premium.

    A 500cm body, with the same lenses, backs, and prism, would not impact the value all that much (maybe $50-100). A recent, documented CLA on the lenses would add to the value.
  12. Years ago, I bought a C with the 80 chrome Planar lens + 12 back. I love the chrome lens with its long tonal range without being too clinical. It can be compared with my 80 Planar on the Rolleiflex E; both used for chrome and B&W photography. So, I don't miss the T* multicoatings.
  13. Sunay: If your a good shopper and have the time and do not rush into this you can get good deals out there: AS you already know:
    #1 is KEh then there is Adorama and its used dept and its ebay site
    then there is B&Hphoto and their used dept,last but not least is [Buyer Beware] But you have places like TMRProductions , Shutterblade and adowin which is adorama , which has a web site on ebay but you need to go slow and look hard and understand everybody is selling for best price they can get and your buying for least amount and getting the best for your money:

    just some of what I have been doing to get my hassey system piece by piece: 553elx=$450.00---pm-5 view finder=$148.00--a 42188 prism=$30.00 --a hassey left grip $28.00 also got a back but had to have David Odess overhaul it [lost on that one:):)] the list goes on and on still hunting for a Lens either a 80mm or 250mm CF or Cfi lens
    Good luck and enjoy: -post script all of the equiptment looks darn good Some In Mint shape
  14. Thanks Lauren, and everybody else that have been so kind to take the time to respond. As I could saw there are plenty of options available, and I'll have to take my time and look carefully what's on the market. Thanks again to everyone.

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