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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    Subscribers - would you mind helping us test a new feature and give us your feedback?

    If you click on the links below, it will take you to a new section of our member center (it is not linked to menus yet).
    As of now this is only for our subscriber base.

    In short, you can set up galleries that are private and are protected by a unique link and code that can be shared amongst family, friends or clients. There are a number of other features in there as well so have a look! - Where Photographers Inspire Each Other - Where Photographers Inspire Each Other
    NEW! Client proof gallery feature |

    Thank you.

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  2. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

  3. I just took a quick look at the sample gallery. The format is fine, in my opinion. Better still, I like the idea of being able to provide a link to people I want to view the images I would place in the gallery.
  4. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    like a "copy link" button? - we have that

    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.39.50 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.39.32 PM.png
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Aaaaahhhh a drop box for clients? Now thats an interesting feature.

    Id be very pleased to see a section for models looking for photographers to work with too.

    The site is starting to shape up. I hope you work out your laundry list of existing bugs first before starting a new set of problems?

    My $30 reward is still here on my desk waiting for a (reasonably) bug free photonet.
  6. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    Good question! I realize this isn't exactly what you're looking for....but its somewhat in the neighborhood of what you are seeking.

    1.) Use the "Contact Me" or "Hire Me" on your Portfolio Page.
    2.) Your "Bio" could read that you are looking to work with new models in the XYZ area.
    3.) "Portfolio Comments" could be from models you've worked with in the past which could serve as testimonials.
    4.) Featured Photography allows you to select from your portfolio "featured photography"

    The combination of the 4 elements is a step in the right direction towards (I believe) what you are looking for.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.53.53 PM.png
  7. Glenn, the feature you mentioned concerns sharing with social media only. I, for one, don't participate in any of them. (Social Media freaks no doubt will give me a sad face.) Is there any possibility that a share feature could be added to individual galleries?
  8. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    not really - the "get link" copies a link of the URL to your clipboard and you can then draft an email to your intended audience. If you don't want those buttons to appear on your photos or galleries then simply check off the "share button" in your member center dashboard.
  9. The timed error messages are back. Sanford just complained about it in a new thread and I and I’m sure others have been experiencing them periodically but with more of a vengeance for the last week. I’m posting here in the hope that this will be addressed and solved before any time or energy is spent on new features.
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  10. I would imagine that several of us, not just those with "clients", would have use for an unfiltered, uncensored gallery that we can share privately for view. Ideally, we could position there both new photos and those selected from existing galleries.
  11. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    some more updates coming to this soon - and our forum specialist should have a solution to the recurring error messages soon.
  12. That's great to hear, because it's happened to me twice in the last couple of days, once just about an hour ago, attempting to post to the weekly Canon forum, which I was finally able to do. Please keep us posted and let us know when it's finally fixed. Thanks!
  13. We don't need new features. We need a working .
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