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  1. Hi. I currently live in the Philippines and I am looking for schools with a 1-year program for photography. I don't mind moving to Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, North Carolina, and a few others.
    I have some background, but would like to start at the beginning nonetheless, to form a good solid foundation. At the end of everything, it is Fashion and/or Wedding photography I want to pursue as a career.
    I know one year really isn't enough, which is why I am willing to stretch that out into two years depending on the environment and location... Also, I know tuition is huge, I will definitely need some funding and scholarships for this, ON TOP OF the cost of living of course. This is why I need to be very wise about it. If you guys have suggestions, that would be GREAT! Thank you in advance!
  2. All I can recommend is not to go to far into debt for this. It's like a noose around your neck.
  3. You have full fledge Photography Schools then you have Art schools that offer Photography as part of their curriculum, then you have Colleges and Universities that offer photography classes as part of their Art curriculum. Most of these programs are either 2 year, or 4 year courses.
    Some say that the Brooks Institute of Photography is the best, or one of the best in the USA but it is also very expensive. There is also The Illinois Institute of Art at Schaumburg, Maryland Institute of Art, Cochoran College of Art and many others. The top dollar schools will get your foot in the door of some of the top Advertising firms, commercial photography shjops and internships in the industry, but unless you are well off, be ready to carry that heavy ball-and-chain of "debt "around your anckles.
    This Debt might prevent, or slow your purchase of much needed professional equipment once you graduate and you are on your own. If I was to start over I would probably enroll in the photography program at FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology) which I think offers some of the courses and skills that the industry is looking for.
    Another option would be to enroll into one of those "For Profit" specialty schools such as the Art Institute of Pittsburg, or The Washington School of Photography. These are not as expensive as the top schools(not exactly cheap either) but they do offer programs that you can finish in about a year or so.
  4. I would definitely want to attend a school that really teaches/specializes in photography. I agree with you about those top notch schools - definitely will drag me down financially, especially since there are a lot of already established photographers and making it on your own will take time.
    FIT is VERY interesting, I checked out their website. Do you know how much % of people they take in, in a year? And for WSP, would you happen to know how much it would cost at an estimate? I checked their page however they didn't have a full tuition price for the program listed, it was for individual credit subjects... :) But Washington or NYC is a definite plus! Photography right? Helps to practice more by making use of the environment you're in :)
  5. Hi Mic,

    My sister studies at Brooks Institute of Photography here in Texas. Since you live in the Philippines and MIGHT not be accustomed to cold weather, Texas might be a good place for you. She tells me it's the best school (though it's the only photography school she's been to). ;)
  6. If you have one year then a series of workshops that cover what you need to know might be the most efficient approach. For example, a combination of offerings from and
  7. Iris,
    Brooks Institute in Texas? It's located in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.
  8. Hi, Try the NYIP. New York Institute of Photography gave me a great, well rounded education if photography. I was able to go at my own pace from home, and now run my own photography business.
    You lack the ability to SEE hands on with this school, but the lessons are incredibly in debt, your assignments receive personal attention, and you have an advisor who can be reached with any questions you may have. This school was the best option for me, and definitely came through for me. Good luck to you and your photographic endeavours.
  9. The two best are in California, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. They both offer BA, BFA, MA, and MFA. I graduated from Brooks and was a lecturer/advisor at Art Center.

  10. I'm not sure how their curriculum works out exactly but SVA (School of Visual Arts) has a good photography program and is situated in NYC.
  11. US News publishes rankings for undergraduate and graduate programs. If I remember correctly, Yale is typically up there as well as Rhode Island. Just check out their site at

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