Bargains in 35mm

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  1. I thought High Speed Ektachrome was gone by 1984. We then had Ektachrome 100, 200, and 400.

    Ektachrome 400 has more than three sensitive layers, for extra speed, I believe two for each color. Amazing, though a little more expensive.
  2. Thanks for this post, again. I am happy to own several of those "Bargains in 35mm"!

    An excellent guide for checking used cameras.
  3. Now the Christmas panic is over I can catch up on my reading. Many thanks, Marc; from a retrospective POV the article on bargain cameras was interesting and relevant. Please keep up this good work in the New Year!
  4. I think there was some overlap of the sale of High Speed Ektachrome (E4 and ISO 160) and its immediate successor, the E6 Ektachrome 200. My first Ektachrome 200 was during the late 70's when I used some to photograph a meteor shower. A little later when Ektachrome 400 became available I had a roll pushed so I could expose at E.I. 800. It actually worked quite well.
    Back in my earlier college days I used a Unicolor E4 kit for High Speed Ektachrome and got got results, although the roll I pushed for E.I. 320 exposure had a bit of a purple tinge. I never got into doing E6 at home, though.

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