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  1. I was watching Atlantic Crossing's on PBS and Princess Martha is frequently taking picture with a small camera, probably 35mm(?), that has a flip up viewfinder. Any thoughts as to what this would be? For reference it was in 1939 or so this took place.

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  3. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

  4. In all my years of camera collecting I have never seen a Tenax in the US or I just missed it somehow.
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  5. Saw that and was curious myself. Never seen one here.
  6. Probably is a Tenax 1, but the lever seems a little odd

    There were lots of cameras that had something like this configuration

    Kodak 35 models 1939-04 PP rear.jpg
    Not this, but not unlike...
  7. Saw 3rd episode...closeup revealed Zeiss clearly on front of camera...must be the Tenax.
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  8. Looks like the advance lever is stuck in the down position. But hey, it's just a film prop - doesn't have to work. The Foley artist just has to add a shutter click to synchronise with the button being pressed.

    Not as bad as some film scenes showing old 5x4 press cameras with bulb flash being rattled off at 4 frames a second, or fashion shoots with A12 magazine 'blads being shot for 30 or 40 frames without a pause.
  9. In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Melinda Dillon shoots a Rollei 35B in the dark, with no flash,, not focusing (it's just a viewfinder anyway), and with an apparently infinite length of film.

    Expecting movie accuracy about cameras, guns, or even humans is not entirely futile, but ....
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  10. I always like the old large format cameras where they seem to focus under the cloth (or not) and take the shot without ever inserting or removing a film holder. Or cocking the shutter.
  11. I once saw a film in which a Mamiya TLR made a noise like a camera with motor wind.
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  12. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I was watching an old cowboy movie and rolled my eyes as a photographer was taking shot after shot with a large format camera and not inserting/changing film holders. But lo and behold, a bystander informed the sheriff that they were fake/not knowing what they were doing. Seems they just were using the photo gear as a prop to be able to take plenty of time to check out the local bank before a hold up.

    I used to pull up the dark slide on an 8x10 film holder, say, "That looks like a good emulsion" then push the slide back down and insert the film holder into the camera. People who knew photography would stare at me with jaws hanging down. (The trick is to have a good film on one side of the film holder and a waste film on the other side. Insert the good film side facing the lens.) I saw something like that in an old Jerry Lewis movie.
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    Art and life differ, sigh! :rolleyes:;)
  14. Maybe with 320 or 420 film. (Extra thin and 3 or 4 times the length of 120.) :D
  15. I once had a student walk out of a darkroom, having been given half a box of sheet film 5 minutes earlier, then ask "Which is the light sensitive side? The grey side or the pink side?"

    I just replied - "Neither of them now" and walked away.
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  16. I am late to the party, but it is indeed a Tenax I, I have one. Great little camera and most adequate for travel pictures.
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