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  1. Howdy!

    Has anyone used the ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX 2 Module Kit where you do not need a darkroom or a changing bag to load the film into it?

    I use the Paterson System 4, which you have to remove unexposed negative film from the cartridge and load the reels and then into the developing tank.

    This new type of kit sounds great but has anyone used this type of kit and what do you think of it? The good and the bad...
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    It looks easy enough:

    Still, all that does is replace a changing bag for loading film into a developing tank. I would often develop two rolls of film at a time in a two reel tank. This lab box limits you to doing one film at a time.
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    +1 on using a changing bag instead of this--2 reel and 4 reel tanks with stainless steel reels are much more efficient than this will be, and getting uniform agitation is also much easier with a conventional tank.
  4. While I own an Agfa Rondinax, I wouldn't dare to rely on it; I am much too unlikely to leave my film leader sticking out, when rewinding. I appreciate the versatility of conventiomal tanks and the convenience of Jobo processors...
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  5. Kodak made a similar system for roll film about 100 years ago.

    It is an interesting idea, but as well as I know they are overpriced for what they do.

    Some are shown here, back to 1905. Some, it seems, wind the film and backing
    paper along with the apron. That one, it seems, that you transfer to the tank
    (in the dark?) after you load it. Or maybe the apron is light proof enough.
    I believe that there are some that you develop in the same tank after winding.

    Developing - Roll-Film Tanks - Antique and Vintage Cameras
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  6. Yep, that's just a re-manufactured Rondinax.

    If Agfa was still in the photo business, they'd be suing those copycats' Ars off. :p

    And if you know you're going to be using a tank like that, why would you rewind the film leader all the way into the cassette?

    "Stupidity is the commonest substance in the universe" - Frank Zappa.
    Oh, such hardship!

    They've invented digital cameras now you know. They do away with all that messing about with film and chemicals. Amazing!
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