Anybody recognize this Czech copy stand?

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  1. Can't remember where I got it but now I want to use it. My guess is it's missing some washer between the offset arm and head. It's surprisingly well made and I do have the baseboard. No big deal but I'd love to see a photo if anybody's got one.
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  2. Looks like the column from a Meopta Opemus enlarger.

    There was an adaptor to convert to a copy stand, I've found one for my Opemus 3, but the price (with shipping) was insane. Then again, the prices of copy stands are insane...
  3. yep. Meopta Opemus enlarger column
  4. Wow, you guys are brilliant! Well, it's going to be a copy stand now. I have a small hobby machine shop so washers, adapters and whatevers are no problem.
  5. It would appear that I already have some version of the Meopta "repro arm" attached. I thought the interface didn't quite make sense, but it makes perfect sense for an enlarger. I was also a bit baffled by the plastic plugs in the ends of the column, but I see they accommodate the power cord. The top one is shoved down the tube a bit so I'll see if I can pull it out.
  6. Well, now I know what to call the thing that my father left me, which he used to copy slides 50 years ago. I've adapted it to copying photos and negatives, and now it has a name! Thanks.
  7. I remember when I got my first enlarger, many years ago, that it had the ability to convert to a copy stand.

    That is, they design them that way.
    I suspect that the main difference is that actual copy stands have lamp holders.

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