Any idea when the D400 might come out?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wade_thompson, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. I already have the D300 and I love it. Thinking of buying another as a back up.... but would love to just wait and get the D400 if it comes out in the next year... then just use my current D300 as the backup.
    Does anyone have any earthly idea when the D400 might come out?
    thanks in advance.
  2. 1. God knows.
    2. Nikon CEO knows.
    3. I know but I don't tell anybody :)
    P.S. Considering the huge problems for Nikon in Japan and Thailand I think even (1) and (2) does not know. And (3) does not say to anybody what he knows :)
  3. Eventually.
  4. The only people who know aren't allowed to tell you, and rumors are really unreliable (more so than usual) these days since there's so much turmoil (weather related) in places where Nikon gear is made.
  5. When it is ready. If they even call it a D400, that is...for all we know it may be a D800, D900, D500, D8000, or something completely different.
    If you have something you need to shoot that your current body doesn't lend itself to - don't wait - if you have money laying around and just want to buy something - buy what is out there now.
  6. That question can not be answered.
  7. Just speculating. If the factory in Thailand was tooled up to start production of a D300 replacement, tooling doesn't like soaking in dirty water for a few weeks, so production could possibly be many months away if Nikon has to replace tooling, tear down and rebuild the whole factory. If the tooling for a new camera was in a safe dry place, production could occur sooner. When, see Dieter's post above.
    One think that is very likely to occur, is sooner or later, a shortage of every product that was made in that factory.
  8. I do not know. But waiting for d400 we can talk composition. Why did you cut off feet of this two dancers?
  9. geez Thomas. I cut their feet off just to irritate you I guess.
  10. Considering the machinery in the manufacturing plant will likely need to be replaced, and that many of the skilled employees may be dead or have moved away, my own -guess- is start looking for a D400 one to two years from now.
    Kent in SD
  11. I think it is fair to say that the Nikon ship is presently dead in the water (sorry) , at least DX- wise ... so the real question becomes perhaps not when will they release new, but rather when will production resume for anything. The net is awash(sorry) with stories about this effects of this flood ... Bloomberg and other fiinancial reports have yet to throw any positive forcasts as to when production for Nikon ( and others), will resume. Maybe the Japanese FX plant is up and running full-time, all-the-time ... I doubt it. I hope NIK's "improvise, adapt, and overcome" team is really good, because it's show time.
  12. I heard they are going to skip the D400 as they ran out of ideas on what they could possibly do with it. One guy wanted to be able to download netflick movies and the other guy wants to have a coffee dispenser. Anyway after punching each other for a while they decided to forget it and go spy on Leica and see if they were going to put the red spot back on next year.
  13. It's not so ... they do have new ideas and 'features' coming. I've heard 'for certain' that all new Nikon DSLR will include ... get ready for it ... an in-camera CELL PHONE! You'll be able to take stills or HD vid, with the complete line of Nikon lenses compatible, and TALK ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME. Oh, boy, how cool will that be.
  14. A phone built into a camera would be absolutely ground breaking! I could get rid of my cell phone then.
    Kent in SD
  15. +1 for a built-in cell phone ... I'd be happy if there was a Wi-Fi chip set in the camera
  16. I vote coffee dispenser. I could really use a cup on these cold fall mornings when out shooting.
  17. Then, finally, don't discount the MARKETING TRIMUPH of the new NIK In-Camera Cell Phone on the competition ... C---n already has "white touch-up paint" for those white lenses ... this In-Camera Cell Phone on all future NIK DSLR bodies will leave them PALE WHITE with envy ... they will have two entries in their catalog ... Pre-envy White, and Post-envy White ...NIK, on the other hand, will pole-vault into the future and take us with them.
  18. I've heard the D800 release has been delayed by the floods in Thailand, so the D400 might also be out a ways.
  19. When people stop asking..............
    I'll second the coffee dispenser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Same shot on a D700, you'd have got their feet in, no probs. Ah!! the 'crop factor'.... ;-)
    Built in MP3 Player for whilst waiting for the Bride/Rain to Stop/Race to start?? That 3inch HD screen would look good for the latest movies too!
  21. Dear OP: I've been in need of a back up camera and at a loss as to how to proceed as well. I have the D300, love it, but am reluctant to buy a camera this late in its model cycle. So I waited. I waited all 2011. And now I'm more resigned to just taking very good care of my D300 through 2012. My old D80 will have to be the back up for now. I hate the lack of external controls on the D80 (and of course ISO performance could be better), but I really don't want to buy a model due for replacement.
    What no one is really talking about is just how absolutely devastating to Nikon's business this flood may be. The factory looks like a complete loss--its two stories and one story is completely under water for weeks. The costs of lost production must be staggering. The loss of manufacturing capability (all APS-C cameras are made there--ALL of them I read) is profound. Skilled workers have been lost or have fled and are struggling to survive, and even when the floods recede, it isn't as if the Thai infrastructure is just going to be up and running waiting for Nikon to clean up and flick the "on" switch at the plant.
    This situation seems quite dire to me--and by situation I mean has the earthquake in Japan and flooding in Thailand proven to be a one-two punch that has crippled Nikon as we've known it. The rumors that some new APS-C model could be announced or released this year just seems absurd to me with such greater fundamental questions looming for Nikon's future. The devastation to their business, from what seems rather starkly apparent from the damage, is about as serious a challenge to continued business operations as a company may encounter. But no one is talking about this. People asking "what's for breakfast" after the Titanic hit an iceberg sort of missed the gravity of the situation. Maybe the example is overstated, but the question is by how much?
  22. 1. Those who know when the D400, D800, and D4 are expected out are bound by Non Disclosure Agreements and can't tell you.
    2. Those who fall into category 1 and thought they had a good handle on a projected release date now likely have no clue as to when they will even get production off the ground since most of Nikon's DX DSLRs were produced in the now flooded Thailand plant and FX DSLRs were produced in Sendai, Japan, one of the cities that the tsunami in March hit hardest.
    3. Nikon was setting up production in Malaysia, but who knows what they are producing and how far along they are towards producing Nikon's higher end DSLRs. isn't a rumor site and I'm only re-stating what has been known for a while now.
  23. It is true that nobody, besides Nikon, can answer that question. It is also questionable if there's going to be a D400 after all. The D300/D300s was a very important camera for the company, quality and sales wise. His successor should be a better model in every aspect.
    So that means that Nikon should be very careful with that, because let's not forget that when it comes down to money this new model will sell more than the upcoming D800 and much more than the D4. Thom Hogan was foreseeing that this model (D400) would hit the market around February 2012. This estimation was done before the flood and after the tsunami. Now things surely have changed for the worse. If you do not need a new or a back-up camera now, just wait...otherwise you can't go wrong with a D7000. My 2 cents.
  24. bms


    2nd the suggestion to buy a D7000 while you can still get it 1) it is a great camera and 2) who knows when the stocks will be depleted. As mentioned above, this was probably a devastaing blow for Nikon.
    Just had sold my D700 when all of this transiried..... I guess I'll be in for a long wait.....
  25. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Assuming that this "D400" is a DX-format DSLR, the successor to the D300S, I am not sure that even Nikon's CEO can give you an accurate answer at this point.
    Given the terrible news from Thailand, I would assume the worst-case scenario for Nikon's factory there; i.e. the bottom floor and its content is completely damaged. Most likely Nikon will have to move DX DSLR production elsewhere, maybe China, at least for the time being. Models that are close to the end of cycle such as the D300S will probably never be produced again in favor of newer models.
    The design for the successor to the D300S should have been completed already. The main issues are to find the factory capacity, prepare the new machinary, and train people to manufacture them. But Nikon also has to do the same for other existing and hot-selling models such as the D5100 and D7000.
    If for whatever reason you still want a new D300S, I would get one soon. Otherwise the D7000 is an improvement from the D300S in many areas but not as good in some other areas. If you can wait, it'll likely be months before we see the successor to the D300S.
  26. I heard that new cameras were coming out in February. Then it was March. Then it was supposed to be June. Then
    with absolute certainty it was going to be the third week of August. Then it was October 26th (tomorrow).

    I also heard that the world was supposed to end.

    Photo in the OP - the WB looks every so slightly blueish. Maybe warm it up a notch. :)
  27. the day after I get tired of waiting and buy something else
  28. Quick question in this discussion: If I were to forget about the "D400" for all the reasons of delay and doubt above, would I be so much disappointed if I just replace my D200 with a D7000 and be done with it? I don't do sports or action much. I think other than the auto focus, all I'd have to contend with is the difference in size/handling. From everything I hear about the D7000, it would actually be an admirable step up from my D200.
  29. I find it amazing that Nikon is more capable of keeping the lid on their secrets than the government. I mean wouldn't you think that some Nikon employee somewhere would get stewed one night, and spill the beans. Maybe be on their deathbed somewhere, and figure "What the Hell, I'm telling the world about the release date, and features of the new D400. What are they going to do fire me?"
  30. A) That's not the Japanese cultural way.
    B) That's not the Tiawanese cultural way.
  31. Which is precisely why we must change their culture to make it more susceptible to things like bribes, employee disgruntlement, and the like. I mean there has to be an unhappy camper somewhere in the organization.
  32. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Bruce, it has been discussed here many times that no company is going to leak product information way in advance becaue that will kill current sales. The dimise of the Osborne Computer is the classic case they study in business schools:
    Any compony that does not understand such basics will not be around for long.
    Additionally, you are merely tipping off your competition to give them time to plan against you. Unexpected events happen as we witness twice with Nikon this year: first the March 17 Japan earthquake and the subsequent tsumni and neuclear power plant malfunction completely disrupted production in their Sandai plant; now the Thailand flood is shutting down their production of all DX DSLRs and many lenses. If Nikon had any advanced announcement or leak but cannot fulfill the production themselve, it would merely give Canon, Sony, etc. a huge advantage.
    That was why Apple fired the guy who unintentionally left an iPhone 4 prototype at a bar last year. He was kind of quietly let go about a week later; I found out because some people I know tried to hire him (because he did that unintentionally). If you leak information intentionally, Nikon will immediately fire you and you have ruined your chances with other companies in the industry. Occasionlly I am under non-disclosure agreement with Nikon USA. They treat it very seriously such that Josh Root and I have to sign separate, individual agreements, and for each product announcement we have to sign a new NDA. They know we are professionals and that is why they continue to feed us useful information and let us test their new products.
    People have asked about future products for years on this forum. I have yet to see even one post with real information unless Nikon occasionally leaks it themselves. That is why I discourage those rumors on this forum; in most caess you are merely building up false anticipations that lead to major disappointments.
  33. I'm sure you're right Shun, but I still find it remarkable that they're able to run such a tight ship with so many employees. The CIA could take a lesson from them.
  34. Bruce: Actually some things do get leaked ... and sometimes the 'beans do get spilled' ... Whatever problems Nikon has right now, they could be worse ... look into what has been going on at Olympus in the last thirty days ... can't get the links as I am in transit, but basically they are minus a 'bean spilling' CEO and about 670 milllion that the Board has let 'disappear'.

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