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  1. I have duplicates of everything and since my darkroom became much smaller several years ago it's time to try to move my stuff on to someone else who may use it. Any general advice? I'd been planning to sell on Ebay since I've been doing that for years, but semi-recently they made changes and now require more information about me than I'm comfortable giving them.

    Some items are: Saunders LPL 670DXL, various negative carriers, NIkkor 50mm & 80mm, LPL 14x17 adjustable 4-blade easel, smaller LPL speed easels, IC timer, various patterson trays. I actually managed to dismantle and securely Tetris together the enlarger parts into a box for which the shipping wasn't ridiculous.
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    You might try Craigslist
  3. I forgot to mention that I live in a small community that is a prohibitive distance from any major population centre for anyone to drive here.
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    Might help if we knew in which country you reside - if you are happy divulging that information.
  5. Canada.
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    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Lovely country - but I am in the UK ! Good luck anyway.
  7. Ebay will give a reasonable guide to the prices to expect, even if you don't sell the stuff there.

    The lenses should be a fairly easy sell, the rest of the stuff... not so much. Although enlarger prices seem to have risen from their once-giveaway low, there's postage costs to consider. The LPL 6x7 enlarger is a nice thing, but heavy, so I wouldn't hold your breath for a decent price.
  8. It's a big place. Where are you?
  9. Much darkroom equipment is heavy (like enlargers) and not economical to ship. In my years on the internet, I have seen whole darkrooms offered free, and get no takers.

    AS r_j says, it's hard to find a good new owner who will actually use the stuff.
  10. Do you get tax breaks for donating stuff in Canada?
  11. I was lucky enough to find a young photographer who had just started with film and was keen to print. My increasing disability means I am no longer safe in the darkroom so I was happy to give him the equipment he needed. Obviously he could put the gear on ebay but I liked him for his enthusiasm for film and trusted him. Better than not being used or trying to sell for small amounts. You can't take it with you.
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    Is there a local photo club which might have interested potential buyers. Also if a local school has a photography course and darkroom, a donation might be welcome.
  13. I sold most of my darkroom equipment on Craigslist for a low price ($100). I kept my film processing equipment so that, if I get back to it, I can develop negatives and scan them using my DSLR. I also kept my dry mounting press. The one item that sold for a good price on eBay was an archival print washer - they seem to be in demand.
  14. If you're a day's drive from Toronto, Montreal or Van, you might be surprised. My sense is that the days of giveaway-priced darkroom gear are over. Hardcore film shooters keen on darkroom furnishings will travel and pay for quality. It's not totally unlike the market for medium format in nice shape now--good stuff is pricey, off the market most places, and in Japan if it isn't. Worth a try?
  15. Thanks for everyone's input. No local club. The school is 100% digital and removed their darkroom. There was a young neighbour shooting film (since moved) and he declined it. I'm about 12 hours from Vancouver, so a bit too far. :)

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