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  1. This film was just released and is in 35mm only. It is also a limited production film, meaning once it's used up, they won't be making more.
    Freestyle sells this film in the USA, and I placed an order to try one roll (along with some other B&W films ordered). Anyone here use this film? How does it compare to other films? How does it look in regular developers? They say this is a tabular crystal film, so does it mean it is like TMAX? I would have thought being based off the old Agfapan APX 100, it would be old school grain. This film also has a higher concentration of silver, so DMAX is supposed to be improved. I will be getting it developed in Xtol (7 mins), so this is what I'd get it done in. Any comments? More stock of this film should be coming in hopefully tomorrow.
  2. Probably a Scala clone or old stock.
  3. No it is indeed a new film. You can read more up on it at APUG. Its based off Scala and APX 100, but with more silver content. That's about it
  4. Are you sure that Adox Silvermax is a limited production film? I thought that that only applied to the also newly introduced Adox "Color Implosion" 35mm C-41 film.
  5. It is a last (Agfa) Scala 200 production film. The same type emulsion is put in their Adox cine film. With the special SPUR developer you can have reasonable results for B&W negative film but also with Scala 200 you could do this.
    The sensitivity curve fitting is a 100% Scala / APX fitting. Last production run, only in 35mm perforated available, expensive, for good results the SPUR special developer is needed. And a marketing for high Silver content crap.
    We can only hope Harman/Ilford can continue their full range B&W films for some consistency. Kodak is almost dead, Fuji is going slowly out of their B&W film range and Efke / Fotokemika is already done incl. their Adox CHS 25-50-100 and IR equivalents.
    Fortunately Foma is still improving their (120) B&W films and Agfa Gevaert is still producing for Rollei. Lomography: Crappy 110 films and old stock Fuji (T64) etc. for a lot of money.
    Let's hope OrWo Filmotec can fill the gap for Ortho films in a few months.
  6. The Silvermax 100 is still out of stock at Freestyle. They will show a date of shipment, but when that date arrives the date gets pushed back. Here in the USA Freestyle seems to be the only vendor so I will wait.
  7. I buy it from Macodirect in Germany. It takes about 5 days to make it to Maryland. I bought 10 rolls, loved it and bought 40 more. They also always have Rollei 80S in stock for a lot less than Freestyle. I tried it in Diafine and it looked good. Then I did a test with TD-3 and it was great! On Monday I am going to try it in PMK Pyro to see if it works. So far, TD-3 is the developer for me with Silvermax. I tried Rodinal and didn't like it. XTOL will probably work well since it's the best developer ever. Haha.
  8. Thanks for the link, Damon. I will likely order some Silvermax 100 from them as Freestyle has again pushed their date forward- now to March 1. At the rate they're going the film may be out of production before they ever can get it in stock.
  9. Exactly Mike. Stock up now from Maco. They apparently have a ton of it.
  10. Damon,

    Very nice result! I'll have to give this stuff a try. Thanks for posting.
  11. Thanks Jay!
  12. I read in the recent SHUTTERBUG that Silvermax will be readily available for some time to come. The Colorimplosion is the limited run film.
  13. I read in the recent SHUTTERBUG that Silvermax will be readily available for some time to come. The Colorimplosion is the limited run film.

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