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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mike_gammill, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. Since it's 2017 in some time zones already, let's begin our 365 day thread. We've had a great couple of years with this thread. For 2017 I hope to see more new members post some images as well as continued images from those who have participated in the previous two threads. I'll start with one from my Olympus 35 RC.
  2. Thanks, Mike. I can't quite manage a "flurry", but here are three to help start what I hope will be a brilliant thread for this new year. The camera was the trusty Kiev 88CM fitted with a 50mm CZJ Flektagon f/4, and the film was Arista EDU Ultra 400 developed in PMK Pyro.
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  5. Thanks Rick. Great images.
  6. Since I just did some screen captures.. (no compatible scanner) I will share a few low res images I developed recently
  7. This, and the previous image done with a Vivtar 28-80mm zoom on a Minolta X-300... a recent donation
  8. Another from the Voigtländer Perkeo.. a nice triplet on this folder
  9. Another from the Voigtlaender Perkeo.. a nice triplet on this folder!
  10. Happy New Year everyone. First walk-about of 2017 in the near by town of Kailua. . . great to have only 10% of the traffic. Fed-2 / N-61 combo, UFX400, Obsidian Aqua & a V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  11. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Chuck Foreman, "Since I just did some screen captures.. (no compatible scanner) ..."<p>.<P>

    How did you get the photo on the screen to do the screen capture?
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  12. Praktica PLC3 : 50mm Pentacon Electric f/1.8 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro
  13. Hello everyone. Finally got around to working this neg from last summer at the SOVREN event in Kent, Wa. Vito II camera. Aloha, Bill
  14. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Time for a bit of color, taken a few summers ago. Praktica MTL3, MC Industar-61 L/Z, Kodak Gold 100.
  15. From the Praktica PLC3 : 50mm Pentacon Electric f/1.8 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro
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  16. Before Jan. 7th comes to a close, an image from some recently processed and scanned film.
  17. Must have been a busy weekend. No matter, I've got an image for the 8th. This image from last year was on Tri-X processed in HC110 dil. B,
  18. Ricoh "Mate" : 45mm Ricoh (Riken) f/2.8 : Arista EDU 100 : PMK Pyro
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  19. Anyone interested in the 10th?
  20. Okay, we'll let this one count for the 10th.
  21. Here's the real 11th ! Honolulu's Kewalo Basin is harbor for a large number of deep sea fishing & SCUBA diving boats. The one does a bit of advertising!. . . area code is -808- if your interested. Fed-2 / N-61 combo, G filter, Kentmere 400, PyrocatHD & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  22. Hasselblad 501cm, cfe 180, Velvia 100f, From 2004.
  23. I'll share one from the recent roll of Eastman 5222 that I developed and scanned.
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  24. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Arista EDU ULtra 400 : PMK Pyro
  25. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taken with Petri FT II, C.C. Auto Petri 35/2.8, Fujicolor 100.
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  26. No new image but I wanted to participate:
    for the 16th:
  27. Images don't have to be new, Marcel. We look forward to seeing them all.
    Come on, Q.G. If you're out there let us hear from you! You have really been missed this past year. If you're not up to responding on the forum, you're welcome to send me a message or email.
  28. Hello everyone. Marcel, can you identify that glorious British Racing Green car in your great shot?? Also, what is the event(s) where you are working? European vacation planned this late summer (Goodwood). Here is one from a recent stroll thru the Honolulu China Town area. Fed-2 Aloha, Bill
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  29. Retina II (Type 011) : 50mm Retina-Xenon f/2 : IIford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro
  30. this is with my Albinar but I got some Ricoh lenses. 35-700 zoom and Ektar film> Seems like I always have some excuse. Finally stopped working 7 days a week and had some time. I start processing and found out mid process that our water heater was broken when the water started running cold so trying to deal with that running down stairs to heat water the water bath was probably around 100 to 101 degrees F.
  31. Going to cheat here since I do not know which I like best yet
  32. I will take the 20. Tequisquiapan, Mexico. Voigtlander Perkeo, HP5+ in D-76 1:1.
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  33. We seem to have missed a day so here are a couple to catch up. Rolleiflex Automat K4A with the 75mm Tessar f/3.5 lens, Arista EDU Ultra 100, PMK Pyro.
    Isn't it about time this thread became sticky?
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  34. And for today...
  35. Oh well, some day I'll get to grips with working in a time zone 24 hours behind me! Better too many than too few, I guess...
  36. I'll take care of the 22nd.
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  37. Spelling gremlins, I meant icicle.
  38. Another gate
  39. The 24th is still out there if anyone's interested.
  40. Looks like the 24th needs an image so I'll take it.
  41. Oh well, here's another from the Rolleiflex, same details as above. This one has the famous illusion of the "slanted frame", caused by strong slanting lines. The things we photographers have to put up with...
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  42. Have a Kodak motomatic that I loaded with Kentmer 400 and took a few shots with and forgot about. Recently picked it up and had no idea what was in it so I just rewound it and developed. I also developed with Atomal 49 which I used for the first time and took a guess at developing since I could not find any data (including digitaltruth). worked on the assumption that it performed similar to Ilford 400. Submit for your consideration
  43. The car I posted earlier is a Bentley if I recall correctly Bill. It was at the Historic Grand Prix at the Zandvoort circuit. This year it is held 1th - 3rd of September.
    Sorry for the late answer: I don't visit the thread every day.
    Scanned a photo to participate for the 26th
  44. Here's one for you, Mike. Canon T-70, Vivitar 28-210mm f/3.5-5.6 Macro Focusing Zoom : Arista EDU Ultra 100, PMK Pyro.
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  45. Nice. Thanks, Rick.
  46. For the 28th., a street seller in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Vogtlander Perkeo, HP5+ in D-76.
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  47. Hello everyone. Like many large, or small for that matter, cities, Honolulu has a vast variety of food trucks. This lunch was Indian, being small, baked, rice/potato/lentil cakes with a curry sauce. . . almost like ravioli. Fresh squeezed guava juice toped the menu. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere400, PyrocatMC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  48. Looks as if the 30th got missed, so here's another one from the car day, and perhaps someone will post something for the 31st.
    Canon T-70, Vivitar 28-210mm f/3.5-5.6 Macro Focusing Zoom : Arista EDU Ultra 100, PMK Pyro.
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  49. Oops! Did it again! This will do for the 30th, then. I'll have to train this PC to display dates in our English fashion, day first then month, rather than the vice versa US fashion...
  50. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    One to finish out January. Taken with Nikkormat FT2, 43-86/3.5 Zoom-Nikkor, Velvia 100F.
  51. Totally forgot the 365 .....
    Nikon F
    Sleeping beauty (and unusual flare)
  52. Konica Autoreflex T2 : 57mm Hexanon AR f/1.4 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro

  53. Nikon F
  54. Universal Language of Markets. . . Hands ! Aloha, Bill
  55. Taking a break from the Super Bowl to post for Feb. 5th. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Really enjoying the photos.
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